Set automatic shutdown for Windows 7 system

Windows 7 is one of the widely used Operating System, which is designed by Microsoft. It is regarded as one of the well-known OS in the family of Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is one of the best platforms to launch many applications and perform various tasks on your computer. Windows 7 comes with many built-in applications such as add the clock and Puzzle gadget to desktop screen. You can also set automatic shutdown on Windows 7 by going through some inbuilt options.

Sep by step guidance to set automatic shutdown on Windows 7 is given below.

1. First click on Start button and go to Control Panel.

2. Select Administrative Tools

3. Click on Task Scheduler

4. Choose create basic task available in the right hand pane

5. Write a description like shutdown Windows 7 computer automatically at 1:30 am

6. Click next and choose the number of times you want to repeat this task

7. Choose start program, click on next and then choose Finish button

This is the procedure given to set automatic shutdown Windows 7. However, the above procedure is very difficult to understand for many non-technical background people. Even some professionals cannot set automatic shutdown without the help of system experts. But there is a tool known as Remo MORE software. It is a free utility that can be used to set automatic shutdown for Windows 7 PC without the help of any computer expert.

What is special in Remo MORE software?

This software is designed with self-descriptive interface to make it easy to operate for all levels of users. It is very easy to download and install on Windows computers. To schedule automatic shutdown for Windows 7 computer, you can just go through 3 simple steps. First you have to run it by double clicking on desktop icon, select time for automatic shutdown and then click on Finish button.

Why Automatic Shutdown in Necessary for your Computer?

These days automatic shutdown of computer is an essential thing for corporate as well as home users. There are many applications that you need to run for long period. Sometimes the task will be completed at mid night and you can't shut down your system at that time. In such situations, set your Windows 7 computer for automatic shutdown at a required time and go to sleep. You can keep your system for downloading movies, music or any other data and go to bed without leaving your computer running over night. Thus the automatic shutdown feature of this software can help you to keep your system working continuously for certain period of time.

This software can be used for Windows 7 as well as other Windows OS versions like Windows XP, Vista and 8. Not only the automatic shutdown, you can also set your Windows computer for automatic restart, hibernate and log off. You can schedule automatic shutdown at a specified time in a day or on weekly basis. This software is also available in Mac version to set automatic shutdown for Mac computers.

Steps to set automatic shutdown for Windows 7 Computer:

Step 1: Run Remo MORE software on your computer and select "Manage" option from welcome window as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Select "Shutdown Manager" option from the window shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Now select the time at which you want to shut down your computer automatically and click on "Apply" option as shown in Figure 3

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