Shred Confidential Documents

Software to Shred Confidential Data

Deleting some of your confidential files using shift delete or through command prompt will just delete the address pointer of that file, but the file still rests in your hard disk. Without address pointer it is not possible to find where exactly the file is residing in the hard drive and hence you will get a feel that you have deleted your files permanently. But this is not the actual case; now recovering all those files you deleted is a child’s play. In just few mouse clicks you can get back all those deleted files. Then how to erase files beyond recovery?

There is a way to shred confidential documents beyond recovery using a genuine file eraser tool like Remo File Eraser. Remo File Eraser comes into action when ever you want to delete confidential data from your system / laptop before actually selling / disposing it. It is not secure to sell your laptop / PC without erasing all your private data beyond recovery, as this may cause some security threats regarding your personal information.

Prominent Features of Remo File Eraser tool:

  • Enables shredding files & folders beyond recovery even from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives & other external storage devices
  • Provides you with two prioritized shredding levels; medium and high which shred files which are impossible to recover from any recovery tool.
  • Shreds free disk space to avoid recovery of any data from it
  • Erases deleted recycle bin files and folders permanently
  • Capable of shredding files and folders selected from a particular drive / partition
  • Eases your shredding process providing drag and drop functionality in shredding zone
  • Uses 9 different popular shredding patterns which ensures deletion beyond recovery
  • All the shredding patterns proposed here are approved by various government and law enforcement agencies

Why one should go for Remo File Eraser only?

Remo File Eraser is a 100% safe and dependable shredding tool. This tool permits you to erase all your confidential files and folders making it not possible to recover using any data recovery tool. The software is trusted by many industry experts globally. It has a personalized in-built scheduler through which you can schedule the shredding event as per your requirements. The software provides you with four options to shred your files; one is “Erase files & folders”, second is “Erase recycle bin”, and third is “Erase free disk space” and fourth “Erase hard drive partition”. You can go with any of these options to shred your confidential documents.

How Remo File Eraser works?

Remo File Eraser utility comes with few simple mechanism of shredding files and folders beyond recovery. In just 3-4 mouse clicks you can achieve this. First download and install the software which comes for free. Now run the application and select the shredding option which you want to use. Based on the erasing option selected the software lists few files and folders that are possible to erase using that option. Now select the documents which you want to delete permanently and click on “Erase” option. Once after doing this, the software provides you the list of shredding patterns available, select the one which you want to use. Now click on option “OK” to confirm erasing. That’s it your job of shredding files beyond recovery is done.

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