Shred Picture & Video Files from Transcend Card

Shred pictures & video files from 32 GB Transcend SDHC card

I need to share a 32 GB Transcend SDHC card with my in law occasionally. How can I remove all pictures and images from it before sharing?

Regardless of what the camera manual says, when you delete images from a SDHC card, they aren’t really gone but still exist on your memory card. Even if you format the card, some of the content may remain and can be easily recovered using a photo recovery tool.

The best solution for you to remove the pictures and images from your SDHC card before sharing with your in law is to use Remo File Eraser  that helps you to securely and permanently shred private data from your SDHC card. It is a free applicaton which shreds deleted data leaving no traces of sensitive / critical data.

This privacy protection software protects your private data by completely shredding the files, folders, and unused space from a logical drive you specify, beyond recovery.

Easy to use
Remo File Eraser has a user friendly interface that includes several on screen instructions and context sensitive help.

Remo File Eraser software is extremely easy to use where in you need to just select the data you wish to shred, select your shred standard and the data is gone forever.

A word of caution
Before wiping or overwriting files, make sure that’s what you really want to do. There is no way of recovering files once you have permanently erased using this specialized Remo File Eraser software.

Steps to permanently shred pictures and video files beyond recovery

Remo File Eraser offers cost free safe data erasing beyond recovery by overwriting the data several times based on the shredding method selected.

Attach Transcend SDHC memory card to the system where software is installed using a card reader. With this a new drive letter gets assigned to the memory card which further helps you to shred the pictures and images using the software.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to permanently erase your pictures and images form your SDHC card using Remo Shredder:

Step 1: Launch Remo File Eraser main application either from desktop or from program menu. As soon as the application is launched, it starts loading the drives in the left tree pane. The main window of Remo File Eraser is as shown in Figure a.

Figure a: Application Main Window

Step 2: Select "Erase Files / Folder" option. You find a list of all available storage drives, choose your Transcend SDHC memory card that contains file(s) to be shredded. After selecting the files, press "Add Files" to add them as shown in Figure b.

Figure b: Selected files and folders to be wiped

Step 3: Next you need to select "Erase" button to remove selected files and later mark on the appropriate shredding method among all sanitization standards supported by Remo as shown in Figure c.

Figure c: Selection of Shredding Methods

Step 4: The files that are seelcted will be overwritten by different patterns depending on the shredding method selected. Once the process is completed, a message pops up intimating end of the task.

Once pictures and images get erased, they cannot be recovered using any data recovery tool in future.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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