Not every technical assistance comes with a bill

At Remo we get several requests every day to solve tech issues. While some of them require our tools to resolve, some just way too simple and just need to be resolved with a bit of personalized tech help and handholding.

Our sole purpose is to assist as many people as we can in the areas where we have expertize, because some problems which might be complex for you may turn out to be a easy ones for us.

So get our help for FREE.

What We Can Help You with?

  • Slow Computer

    Get rid of a slow computer and make it run like new again.

  • Windows Error

    Fix any Windows errors and optimize the system performance.

  • File Repair

    Repair a corrupt file.

  • File Conversion

    Convert a file from one type to another.

  • Outlook Annoyances

    Outlook glitches are frustrating, get our help and resolve your problems.

  • Data Recovery

    Simple recovery help is totally free.

  • IoT Devices

    Get help on setup and operational assistance.

  • Parental Control

    Learn simple techniques on how to enable controlled access.

How it Works

Need help? here’s how you can get it
Step 1

Submit a request

If you want us to look into your problem, please hit the submit request button. Before submitting make sure that you choose the right category

Step 2

Fill out the details

Please fill out the details. Try to be as clear as possible, explain the problem in detail and if possible attach a screen shot or anything that help us to understand the problem better

Step 3

Be patient, help is on your way

Once we get your request, immediately one of our expert will look into it. They may ask couple of questions over email, so watch out a mail from us.

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