Recover Files from Thumb Drive

  • Restore deleted or lost files from USB thumb drive
  • Recover files from accidentally formatted thumb drive
  • Retrieve files from corrupt or damaged USB thumb drive
  • Supports data recovery on thumb drives of popular brands like Kingston JetFlash, Sandisk Cruzer Blade, Transcend Data Traveller
  • Best in its class - 5 Star rated by several industry publications

Thumb Drive File Recovery

A thumb drive is a portable USB memory storage device. Thumb drives are removable and rewriteable devices, which store data on a built in flash memory. Thumb drives are available in various storage capacities varying from 2GB to 64GB. Many people use USB thumb drive to store their backup data and to carry files along due to its portability.

However thumb drives are prone to data loss due to various reasons like accidental deletion, virus attack, accidental formatting etc. When you connect your thumb drive to the computer and try to open it, you might not be able to access the files on the thumb drive and you might encounter an error message which says " Drive is not formatted " or " Format Now " error. If you continue with formatting the USB thumb drive, you may end up losing data from your USB thumb drive.

You can recover thumb drive data by using Remo Hard Drive Recovery software which also supports thumb drive recovery and helps to retrieve files from formatted thumb drive. This application recovers deleted files, folders, office documents, music files, pictures, movies, songs from your thumb drive and also supports recovery of lost files from formatted thumb drive cases. You can recover deleted files from thumb drive of various brands like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston and many others. Download the demo version of the software to start your recovery process now.


Related Information

Pen Drive Recovery Software
USB drives are mostly available in two different types of sizes, one is a card shape size which usually contains high capacity hard drives and the other one are small pen cap shaped drives and hence popularly called as pen drives. Data loss scenerios on pen drives can range from simple deletion to even cases like formatting or changing the format from one file system to another. Whatever the case might be Remo Recover has been designed to recover data from various storage devices.

USB Data Recovery
USB drives also come in a hard disk casing, these devices are popularly used to keep backup of data or used as an extension to our existing laptop storage. The most popular type of external USB drives are Seagate FreeAgent, WD Passport, iOmega eGo etc. The external drives in most situations come in FAT32 file system format. If you change the file system after using the drive then the data from the previous file system would be lost. Also data loss can happen due to just freshly formatting the drive. In these cases read this section to understand how to perform data recovery on a USB drive.

Recover Files after Format
When you format a drive using quick format or full format option all the data on it would be lost. This even holds good for any external drive. If you have performed formatting by mistake and want to get back your lost data then read this article and understand how to recover files after formatting.

How to recover Deleted documents
Document files like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PPT presentations are very important type of files used by several computer users. When we delete these documents and want to get them back, recreating them would be extremely difficult because of time constraints. In such cases use Remo Recover and get your deleted files recovered within no time.

Recover Mac Files from USB Drive
Remo Recover has designed recovery applications even for Mac OS X users. If you use a Mac and if you are trying to recover your data from an external USB drive which was either formatted or data on that was deleted, then use Remo Recover Mac to recover lost files.

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