Transfer Outlook Notes to another Computer

When you only need to transfer Outlook notes to newer version or computer, exporting the whole PST file is both time consuming and unproductive. Try Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate, a tool that is both fast and efficient in terms of transferring induvidual items like notes etc. Now you can bid goodbye to complicated proceduers of creating CSV file.

For many Outlook users, notes play a vital role in everyday tasks. But with Microsoft upgrading Outlook to newer versions and technology upgrading to new computers, you will need a reliable way to migrate notes. As there are many ways to transfer Outlook notes from one computer to another, finding the most appropriate one for you might get tricky. To answer this ambiguity a list of different ways to transfer Outlook notes is brought together.

Different ways to transfer Outlook notes:

  • Manual methods to transfer Outlook notes
    • Exporting Outlook notes into a comma separated file (CSV) and importing it to Outlook.
    • Copying Outlook notes into a text file and then pasting notes to Outlook
  • Transfer Outlook notes to another computer using Outlook notes migration software

To evaluate further a few drawbacks have also been listed with steps to help you understand the best way to transfer Outlook notes from one computer to another. To the end of this write-up you will know why Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is the most preferred way to transfer Outlook notes.

Manual methods to transfer Outlook notes to another computer:

  • How to transfer Outlook notes to another computer by creating a .csv file manually?

    • Open Outlook, go to File
    • Select Open & Export>Import/Export (for Outlook 2010 and later versions), select Import and Export…(for Outlook 2007 and later versions)
    • An Import and Export wizard opens, select Export to a File option
    • Select Comma Separated Values from next screen
    • Now choose Outlook Notes folder from which you intent to export from
    • The final screen allows you to map custom fields where Priority has to be mapped on the top, and Note Body second
    • From the next screen browse to a destination folder in a portable storage device like USB or a hard drive
    • Finally plug in the USB to computer which has the Outlook that needs transfer of notes
  • Manually moving Outlook notes to another computer using .txt file:
    • You can copy your Outlook notes to a note pad and then save them as a .txt file on a storage device.
    • Then Move Outlook notes to another computer by importing this txt file into Outlook using Import/Export option in File tab.

Drawbacks of manually moving Outlook notes from one computer to another:

  • While Creating a CSV file to transfer Outlook notes to another computer, any minor flaw in the mapping of custom fields will make the content notes dismembered. Hence it is risky to use .csv file to transfer Outlook notes to new computer
  • Manual methods are pain staking and eat up a lot of time
  • The text and numeric values in the notes cannot be differentiated if the CSV file is not configured properly
  • CSV files only support a set of special characters and hence your final copy of transferred Outlook notes might seem corrupted
  • If you have a lot of Outlook notes that you desire to transfer, manually copying each file saving them onto notepad as .txt file and then transferring the notes to outlook file is incredibly tiresome
  • When you manually copy and import .txt files in outlook a few special characters and content are not transferred in their absolute form which can be annoying

How to transfer Outlook notes to another computer using Outlook migration software:

  • Download and install Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate program on both old and new computers
  • Take backup of Outlook PST file as a whole using Smart Backup or just backup Outlook notes using Advance Backup
  • choice of backup
  • Configure Microsoft Outlook on new computer and add an account
  • Now save the backup file which was taken from old computer to new computer by using any external storage device like USB
  • Launch the Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate tool on new computer and select “Migrate”
  • Select the backup file which was stored on the new computer to start the migration of notes and click on next after confirming your Outlook version
  • select-backup-file-to-migrate
  • If you have backed up the whole Outlook data, in this step you will be able to import specific Outlook item like notes as shown below
  • select-attributes-to-transfer
  • Finally click on Finish after the migration progess to find Outlook notes in your computer

Advantages of using Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate to transfer Outlook notes:

  • Compatible with operating system such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003
  • Easily transfer Outlook data between different Outlook versions from Outlook 2003-Outlook 2016
  • The biggest advantage of using Remo Outlook Back and Migrate is that you can transfer Outlook to a new computer as a whole without any challenging tasks like manual import and export
  • All your Outlook notes are transferred from one computer to another as a perfect replica. Hence this tool is also perfect to transfer Outlook contacts to new computer.
  • With this software you can create a backup Outlook data file of your profile, later on use to restore your Outlook profile to its working state in case of malfunction
  • You can compress and split your Outlook notes backup copy to manage the storage space and then transfer Outlook to Office 365
  • Using Advance backup option Create individual backup copies of notes, contacts, emails, calendar etc and transfer them according to your discretion
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