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Recently I reinstalled my Windows operating system. During installation I deleted a partition and created 2 different new hard drive volumes from the existing one. Later I found that the wrong hard drive volume got partitioned. Now I lost all my data stored in it. Is there any tool that can undelete my deleted partition?

It is one of the best queries to show the need of best data recovery software. Sometimes when a hard drive partition is deleted or resized either intentionally or unintentionally, a large volume of data loss occurs. Sometimes many users want those data back at any cost. But it can be done easily only by an outstanding data recovery software. One of those kinds is Remo Recover - pro.

As a point of fact, any software for data recovery will not bring back the data alive from the dead, instead it collects the available information of the deleted partition and the data stored inside it. After collecting all the stuff it will rebuild the actual data from the deleted partition. Data recovery from partitioned drive differs from normal data recovery. For example, if a user needs to recover data from a shift delete scenario then it’s a normal data recovery

If the user requires a data from a deleted partition due to reinstallation of OS or data from a repartitioned then it comes under the advanced data recovery option because it's not an easy task to rebuild the linkage between the Index pointer and the actual data memory in the above state of affairs.

Apart from this there is a major scenario where a partition gets deleted. It is explained below:

On using a third party application for hard drive may mislead you to a unintentional deletion of hard drive partition. This is because some application makes use of disk space alone as an id. If any two HDD partitions are sized with same space then the user will be confused and may delete a wrong partition that contains all the essential data.

Though the happenings look weird, it won’t be that much complicated if Remo Recover – Pro is installed in your PC. Here are some extreme valid reasons that give solutions to the above creepy circumstances.

  • The extremely powerful scanning algorithm is used to scan and locate data inside the deleted partition and the user can pull out all the recover data within a few clicks.
  • Restores data from resized and formatted partition as well where the hard drive partitioned is first deleted and then resized or formatted.
  • It is capable of undeleting all formats of data like documents, audio, video etc. from deleted partitions.
  • It also provides an additional option to add the file format to the software and then recover the data on that format from the deleted partition.

If you need information on how to recover lost partition, visit this page.

Major steps to use Remo Recover – pro:

  • Download the software
  • Install it
  • In main window select “Partition RecoveryFigure 1
  • Select the hard drive and click “next”Figure 7
  • The available partitions will be displayed select the needed and click “next”Figure 4
  • Select the file types and click “next”Figure 5
  • The next window contains the recovered data, check box the needed dataFigure 6
  • Save the session and purchase the softwareFigure 7
  • Extract the recovered data from the saved session.


  • If the hard drive is defragmented then don’t opt for data recovery. Because in defragmented drives the internal memory structure will be rearranged and it’s highly difficult to undelete partitioned data from re-arranged internal memory.
  • If the hard drive is wiped after the partition deletion then the recovery will be of no use. As the disk wiping process will clear all the hash tables and rewrite them with junk values with the motive that recovery of data should not be possible at any occasion.
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