How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Laptop?

Hello everyone, recently I deleted my favorite photos from my laptop while removing unwanted files. Actually, I used Shift + Delete option to erase those files hence couldn't find those images even in Recycle bin. I don’t even have any extra copy of those pictures. Is it possible to undelete photos from laptop now?

Don’t worry; you can easily restore those photos by using the most outstanding data recovery software which helps you to recover photos from a laptop. Nowadays it’s quite common for data loss situation to occur. One may lose some important files including photos from Laptop easily. There are many common causes that contribute to severe data loss situation. Whatever is the reason for photo loss, you can now restore them all back easily without any technical experts help.

Now you might be wondering how it is possible to recover images without any technical help, Right? According to technical facts, whenever photos are erased from the system only access pointers to those files is erased indicating space is free to occupy new data. Those images are still present in laptop memory but are inaccessible to the user. Hence lost pictures can easily be recovered using superior software called Remo Recover software. It is equipped with various features that help easy and secure recovery process even for the novice users.

Note: User should avoid saving of new data in laptop after data loss situation. If users do so, then possibilities of photo recovery from laptop decreasse.

Why Remo Recover Tool?

Remo Recover software has the ability to restore deleted, lost or formatted photos from any Laptop easily. It can retrieve all file formats of photos like GIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, and many more. This data recovery software can also retrieve RAW images without any complications.

It supports various brands of Laptop manufacturers like Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and many other popular brands. On the basis of unique signature, files of any type can be recovered and identified easily. These recovered files can be viewed using “Preview” option before saving it. Apart from these, it is enough capable of retrieving files from crashed, dead laptop without any technical help. This software helps user to restore pictures after emptying Recycle Bin and even the images which bypass Recycle Bin due to any issues.

In addition, it has the ability to recover all types of files like audio, video, documents, excel sheets, presentation files, etc. This data recovery software facilities user to saved recovered files in any storage drives including CD and DVD. Moreover, it restores files from all latest versions of both Windows and Mac Platforms.

Some scenarios that are supported by Remo Recover Tool:

  • Deleting Accidentally: There are chances that user may erase images accidentally from the laptop. If user select important pictures along with unwanted files and delete them without cross verifying it then it may cause huge loss of photos from laptop.
  • Transfer Error: If any interruption occurs while transferring photos from laptop to external storage drives then there are possibilities that some files may be lost without giving any notification to the user.
  • Formatting drive: Sometimes user may format particular drive or partition without taking proper backup. If some valuable photos are stored in that drive or partition and user formats it then it will cause huge loss of data from laptop.
  • Partition Error: User may modify, resize or extend existing partition of the laptop drive using some unsecure third party application. Then there is high risk that this application may delete some files including images from that partition. Hence partition error can contribute to heavy loss of data from laptop drive.

Handy Tips and Tricks:

  • Always keep additional copy of important photos in external storage drives.
  • Before deleting any file or formatting drive, make sure you check all files and folders property.
  • Never interrupt while transferring images.
  • Safeguard your laptop using secure and updated antivirus program.

Why you should opt for Remo Recover Utility?

Remo Recover software possesses various unique features that assist user to recover files and folders without any technical help. Thus people with less technical information can also execute it with great comfort. This software supports all newest versions of Windows Operating system including Windows 8 and Mac Operating System including Yosemite. In case user is facing any issues using the product then can contact 24/7 technical assistance.

Guide to Recover Deleted Photos on Laptop-

  • Download and install Remo Mac Photo Recovery application on your laptop
  • Launch the application and Choose Recover Photosoption followed by "Recover Deleted Photos" option
  • Select the drive from where you wish to restore data and click Next
  • Once scanning process gets completed, view recovered files using Preview option
  • Choose file types that you wish to restore and save them in any location
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Safe and Secure
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