Unerase Files on Mac Mavericks

An efficient way to unerase files on Mac Mavericks with the recommended Mac data recovery software – Remo Recover (Mac). Recover your deleted files from Mavericks system in just 3 steps. Select -> Scan -> Recover

OS X Mavericks is the latest operating system that powers every Mac. It is designed on a rock-solid UNIX foundation to deliver the most integrated and intuitive computing experience. One other advantage of Mac OS X Mavericks is that there's no longer primary or secondary display since each has its own menu bar, and Dock is available on screen in which you are working on. Even it facilitates an option to turn your HDTV into an entirely efficient second display using Apple TV or Airplay.

However, like other Mac OS X versions, accidental file deletion from Mac Mavericks cannot be eliminated completely. Your files might get erased from OS X Mavericks based laptops or desktops due to a number of reasons from accidentally deleting files to complete Mac Mavericks crash.

If that happens to your important files, then what will you do to recover erased files on Mac Mavericks machine? Of course, the answer would be the restoration of erased files from,

1. Trash on Mac Mavericks

2. Mavericks Time Machine backup

3. Manual backup of the erased file (saved on any HDD or external hard drive)

Well, let’s consider a real-time scenario where the Mac user deleted an important file from the Mac Terminal and he doesn't have a backup of the deleted file. In this case, no feature on Mavericks helps in restoring the erased file.

When coming through such instances, a majority of the users have the misconception that once files are deleted from OS X Mac Mavericks computers, they cannot be retrieved. But it’s a myth; Because the erased files still, reside on your Mavericks until and unless they are overwritten by fresh data. It is very much easier and simpler to unerase files on Mac Mavericks using the best data recovery software like Remo Recover (Mac) Software.

Before you start recovering erased files on Mac Mavericks, learn few common causes behind file deletion on Mac Mavericks.

Common Reasons Behind Deletion of Files from OS X Mac Mavericks:

  • Inadvertent Deletion of Files: While deleting some unnecessary files from Mac OS X Mavericks laptops or computers there could be chances that you may select a number of important files and delete. This kind of situations results in a large amount of data loss.
  • Cut and Paste Command: When you desire to move files from one location to other location using cut and paste command, your files might get deleted from its original position if any sort of interruption takes place in between the read or write process.

The aforementioned scenarios leading to file deletion are experienced often by most of the Mavericks users. Along with these, there are few more motives accountable for deletion of files for example file system corruption, Antivirus software scanning, etc.

However, you can easily get over these troubles by employing Remo Recover (Mac) Software. Also, the tool will help you in restoring data from Mac hard drive after crash, formatting, partitioning etc. In addition to Mavericks, it also supports Yosemite, El Capitan, and Macos Sierra.

Remo Recover (Mac) to Unerase File on Mac Mavericks:

This tool is specially made to unerase files on Mac Mavericks based systems. With the help of this application, you can also recover files from other versions of Mac OS X based laptops or computers. You can get back deleted or lost data on Mac with a few simple steps. The program is non-destructive that can carry out data recovery without damaging any of the files. Any non-technical user can easily employ this software to recover the erased data from Mac systems as it is easy to use. Remo Mac File Recovery software is built with powerful algorithms, therefore; it performs deep scanning on the hard drive and retrieves information within a couple of minutes.

Steps to Recover Erased Files on Mac Mavericks:

Step 1: Run Remo Recover (Mac) software, select Recover Files and click on Recover Deleted Files button.

Step 2: Select the Mavericks drive/volume from where you want to recover erased files.

Step 3: Select Normal Scan and erased file types (if you wish) to recover from the selected drive.

Step 4: After a deep scan, the tool shows a list of recovered data. Preview retrieved files and Save them on a new volume.

Note: Save Recovery Session after you preview the recovered files from Mac Mavericks. If you are satisfied with the Mac data recovery results shown in the trial version, you can buy the software. Later, you can activate the software and then load previously saved recovery session to save your recovered (erased) files.

Guidelines to Avoid Files Loss from Mac Mavericks Systems:

  • Preserve a suitable backup of important files and store them on an external memory like external hard drive, pen drive, FireWire drive, etc. to get it easily in the event of data loss
  • You should avoid using the system after losing files from it
  • You must scan the system with updated antivirus tool to avoid files loss because of virus attack

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