Unformat Hard Disk Drive

Formatting hard drive will erase your entire data stored on it! No worries, you can still get back erased data including images, text documents, spreadsheets & more using Remo Recover software in an easy way. Not just hard drive, you can even unformat memory cards, pen drives & other external USB drives…

Formatting means to erase the existing file system in the hard disk drive and preparing it for installing a fresh file system like FAT, NTFS, NTFS5 in Windows and HFS Plus or HFSX in Mac. If you format a hard drive, the files stored in older file system will be removed and and allows you to store new files. Formatting a hard drive will enhance the performance of your computer / laptop, but the question is why we need to unformat a formatted hard drive?

At times, we may accidentally format a drive without taking a backup. This may overwrite the existing files and makes them invisible to the user. In such situations, if you want retrieve data from previous file system, you need to unformat the hard drive. Unformating formatted hard drive is an advanced process of data recovery which is done by Remo Recover software. The software looks for the files in previous file system, ignoring the newly installed one and retrieve all the files in just few minutes.

Remo Recover software to unformat formatted hard drive:

The first thing which you have to do after accidental formatting of hard drive is stop using it and do not store any new files in it. Then use Remo data recovery software to unformat your formatted hard drive, its advanced built in algorithms easily retrieves data from formatted hard drive. Apart from recovering formatted hard drive files, the application retrieve files from crashed hard drive and from corrupted HD as well. You can even utilize this tool to restore data from external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, SSD drives, FireWire drive, etc. Remo Recover software runs on different version of Windows and Mac OS including the latest Windows 8.1 and Mac Yosemite

How to use Remo Recover Software to unformat formatted hard drive?

First you have to remove the hard disk from your system and connect it to a different PC or laptop and then install the software. Now follow the steps mentioned below"

  • Launch the software and click on ‘Recover Partitions / Drives’ option on home screen.
  • Now go to ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ option and then select your hard drive from the list of logical drive. Click on "Next" to start the scanning process.
  • Once the recovery procedure is over it will show all the found partitions / drives. Select the partitions to restore the data in it. You can save the recovery session in a different partition for later use.

Things to keep in mind before and after formatting a hard drive:

  • Keep a backup of important data in external storage device so that you can use it after data loss
  • Check twice before formatting a hard drive
  • Do not add new data to a formatted hard drive
  • Always scan hard drive using an updated antivirus software

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