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Unformat Hard Drive Windows 8

Recently I have formatted my hard drive on Windows 8 system and lost huge collection of videos, documents, pictures, and office documents from it. But those data is very important to me hence please help me out to restore them. Is it possible for me to restore unformat hard drive data? If so, let me explain in detail….

Of course, you can unformat hard drive data with the assistance of third party data recovery application like Remo Recover Windows. This application is very robust and reliable, which can easily unformt hard drive data on Windows 8 system without any difficulties. It can restore all types of files from formatted hard drive includes audio, video, pictures, documents, etc. Moreover, this application is specially designed for recovery of data from formatted, inaccessible, damaged hard disk on Windows 8 system.

 Why does user opt for formatting hard disk?

  • When hard disk is severely attacked by virus threats
  • When system performance goes very slow
  • When file system gets corrupt
  • When system restarts automatically very often
  • When system hard disk is formulated with bad sectors

However, you lost data from hard disk on Windows 8 but no need to worry, because this HD Recovery application recovers data without noticing reasons behind it. You can also restore data on various storage devices including memory card, external hard disk, pen drive, etc. In addition, it supports various other versions of Widows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, etc.

Make use of this Remo Recover Windows application to recover documents from Windows XP system in few clicks on application. It recovers all types of documents such as docx, pdf, ppt, xls, etc. Click on link to read more...

Guidelines to Unformat Hard Drive on Windows 8

  • Download demo version of Remo Recover Windows application and install on any healthy hard disk successfully
  • Connect your hard disk to system where you installed the application and make sure drive is connected properly or not
  • Launch the application and start recovery process by following instructions given in each screen shots
  • Choose Recover Drives option from main screen and next choose Formatted Recovery optionFigure 1
  • Now allow application to scan your hard drive, after few minutes application displays all available drives
  • You choose the drive from where you wish to restore data and click Next Figure 3
  • Application starts scanning it thoroughly and displays all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format Figure 4
  • Here you can restore specific file or click on skip button to restore all file types available in hard disk
  • Once you perform a successful data recovery step, application allows you to preview all restored filesFigure 5
  • Finally save Recovery Session in your hard disk

Note: In demo version, just you can view results obtained but does not allow you to save them on your disk. If you are happy with the results then buy full version software that will allow you to access all options of application and even you can easily save all restored files to any storage device. In addition, with the use of demo version you can easily justify application whether to purchase or not and this feature helps you to test the application prior to purchasing the product. 


  • Always-backup essential data in external hard disk
  • Backup all data before modifying the existing OS
  • Often attempt for recovery hard disk bad sectors
  • Scan hard disk with updated antivirus application


  • Do not interrupt file transfer process
  • Do not shut down system abruptly when it is being in use
  • Do not attempt to modify existing file system
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Safe and Secure
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