How to Repair Unrecognized MOV Video File

I recently tried to compress a MOV file but couldn’t complete it as the process got struck halfway. After this when I checked the log it showed me “ERROR Unrecognized”. Here after when I try to access MOV file it shows the same unrecognized error. I tried my level best to fix the issue but eventually failed. Is there any solution to perform unrecognized MOV file fix?

The above mentioned scenario can make you frustrated as the MOV file was very dearest to you and couldn’t be recreated again. However there is no need to worry because by making use of Remo Repair MOV tool you can effortlessly fix the issue associated with corrupt MOV file. There are many reasons which are responsible for MOV File to get corrupted. Here are some of the commonly encountered situations that corrupt your video file:

  • Making use of incompatible media player to access MOV file may at times result in corruption of the file
  • When header of MOV file is damaged then you will not be able to access the file. The reasons that are liable for header getting damaged is virus infection, imperfect video file conversion etc.
  • While downloading MOV file if the process is incomplete due to interruptions like sudden power loss, software conflicts etc.
  • If there are insufficient codec info to play MOV file then there are chances of file getting corrupted

However, when you come across any of the scenario where you are not able to access MOV file and shows unrecognized error then just make use of Remo Repair MOV program which will effortlessly repair corrupted MOV file.

Useful tips

  • When downloading MOV file make sure that you download files from trusted sites
  • Utilize a good anti-virus program which can identify and remove the harmful viruses and avoid corrupting MOV files
  • Do not install or utilize untrusted program as they may create uncertainties could damage your MOV file

Remarkable features of Remo Repair MOV tool

  • Equipped with easy to use user interface which will help you in fixing corrupted MOV file very quickly and easily
  • Allows you to have a preview of the fixed MOV file, using which one can easily get to know the ability of the application before purchasing it
  • This advanced tool not only repair MOV file but it can also repair MPEG4 video / MP4 video which is damaged 
  • Has the ability to fix MOV file that are captured from branded Camcorders like Kodak, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Canon etc.

Steps to Fix Unrecognized MOV File

  • At first download Remo Repair MOV tool and install it on your computer
  • Open the application and from the main screen click on “Healthy File” option and provide MOV file that is running fine
  • Then click on “Corrupted File” to provide MOV file that is showing error, now click on “Repair” option
  • Wait for repair process to get completed and after completion you can have a look on the fixed MOV file using “Preview” option
  • After preview of the repaired MOV file if you are satisfied by the performance of the application then you can purchase the licensed version of the app in order to save the fixed MOV file
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