How to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive?

Updated on July 14, 2020

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Understanding the causes of data loss & how to recover files from USB flash drive

Although USB flash drives are very reliable and durable storage devices, they are not exempt from common problems such as data loss. As a matter of fact, data loss issues are extremely common and hence arises an important need to recover data from flash drives.

Here is a list of factors that results in data loss on USB flash drives:

  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Files lost due to virus attacks
  • Files lost due to corruption
  • Files lost due to interruptions such as abrupt ejection of USB flash drive from the system, and sudden system shutdown due to power outage or battery drain in case of laptops while transferring files from USB flash drive to your system or vice versa
  • Accidental formatting of a USB flash drive, for example when the device asks 'Do you want to format the disk' and you click 'Yes'
  • Data loss due to bad sectors on flash drives

Is it possible to recover data from a USB Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a USB flash drive. To successfully carry out lost & deleted data recovery from USB drive, you have to follow some simple instructions mentioned below:


It is recommended that you STOP using the USB drive on which data loss has occurred. Using the device further will overwrite data and drastically reduce the chances of a successful USB data recovery.


To start with, try to determine the cause of the data loss. Depending on the reason for your data loss, refer to the corresponding solution for USB flash drive data recovery.

Case 1: If you have deleted files on USB flash drives

If you have accidentally deleted files on the USB flash drive, then don't scratch your head thinking how can i recover deleted files from USB. Just remain calm, and utilize Remo USB Drive Recovery utility to recover deleted files from USB flash drive in three quick & easy steps. It can recover deleted files from USB flash drive very efficiently. Refer the next section to know how can you recover deleted files from a flash drive using Remo.

Steps to Recover data from USB Flash Drive using Remo USB Recovery Tool

To recover data from USB flash drive, download and install Remo Data Recovery Software on your computer and follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Launch the tool, click on Recover Partitions
  • click on scan to start recovering data from USB drive
  • and select the USB flash drive from which you want to recover data and click on Scan
  • Preview recovered data from USB drive using Remo USB Flash drive recovery software
  • After the completion of the scan you can Preview the recovered data from USB flash drive
  • If you are satisfied with the USB data recovery then go ahead and Save the file by activating the tool.

Important Note: Do not Save the recovered data from USB on to the same drive this will overwrite the data and might result in permanent data loss

Case 2: If data loss on USB drive is due to corruption or bad sectors, then run CHKDSK

If data loss on your USB is due to corruption or bad sectors, then run CHKDSK to recover files from USB. To run CHKDSK,

  • Connect the USB flash drive to your computer
  • Click 'Windows + R' keys and type 'cmd', hit Enter
  • In the command prompt, type 'CHKDSK X: /R', where ‘X:’ is the drive letter representing the USB drive

The recovered files from CHKDSK are saved in a folder called FOUND.000, created in the USB drive. These files can be recovered using UnCHK.

NOTE: CHKDSK may not be successful always in fixing corrupt USB drive and recover your files completely. If this is the case, Remo Recover is an ideal choice to recover files from corrupted USB drive. It is the best choice to fall back on as it is tailor made to retrieve data from corrupt USB, USB turned RAW etc. Download the Remo USB data recovery software and get back lost files from USB now!

Case 3: Recover Data from USB Drive Without Software

Yes, you read that right, though it doesn’t guarantee you to get back data from USB drive, there is no harm in trying to recover data from USB using CMD. Refer to the next section to know how to recover data from USB drive without a Software.

The advantage of using Remo Recover is that it leaves no stone unturned while recovering files from USB flash drives. It can recover documents, PDF’s, notes, images, music, videos or really any type of file.

Remo Recover can also be used to recover files from Sony flash drives and other brands like SanDisk, Corsair, Samsung etc. It can also be used for SanDisk Extreme Pro recovery, SanDisk Extreme recovery, SanDisk Extreme Pro Deluxe recovery.

How to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive without a Software?

To recover data from USB without a software you will have to make use of the Attrib command in CMD. Follow the below mentioned instructions carefully:

  • Open Run search box by pressing Windows + R then type cmd
  • Now, type chkdsk H: /f and click Enter (H with the drive letter of the USB drive).
  • Next press Y and click on Enter
  • Now type USB flash drive letter again in this case it is H and click on Enter
  • Finally type the following attrib command- ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D "drive letter":*.* and click on Enter
  • After completion of the process see if you have successfully recovered data from your USB drive
  • The files found after the above process can be used by adding extensions at the end.

Go through the quick demo that demonstrates how to recover data from a USB Flash Drive

Why Use Remo USB Flash Drive Recovery Software?

  • You can recover documents, PDFs, notes, images, music, videos or any file type from your USB drive
  • Remo Flash Drive Recovery Software helps you recover data from flash drives under any data loss situation including recovery from formatted USB drives or damaged flash drives
  • Great history of seamlessly recovering data from various USB drive brands like SanDisk, Corsair, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston and many more.
  • Free Preview of the recovered photos or media files from USB drive to verify the success rate of recovery.
  • The tool is compatible on all versions of both Windows and Mac OS and a well trained team is available round the clock to help you with USB data recovery.
  • The tool is also capable of recovering data from deleted, formatted exFAT partitions

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