Video Recovery: How to Recover Deleted or Lost Video Files?

Updated on December 28, 2020

Video Recovery made simple- be it an accidentally deleted video from your camera or lost videos due to a corrupt hard drive, you can get those back easily with Remo Video Recovery Software. Built with an advanced scan engine that can recover videos shot of any format that is shot on any camera, Remo Video Recovery tool is all you need to get back lost videos. Download and try the tool for free now.

Video content today is getting more and more demanding. Contemporary smartphones are capable of shooting 8K videos, GoPro’s and other cameras can shoot 4K videos. With the resolution, the size of the video files can cost you a lot of storage space. With scarcity of storage deleting video files becomes inevitable.

This brings us to the intent of this page, recovering deleted or lost video files. If you are looking to perform video recovery on your computer, or get back lost videos shot on any camera, this article is for you.

Hold on, before you move on to recovering your deleted or lost videos, stop using the device on which you want to perform video recovery. We will discuss more about it in the later part of the article.

What happens to the deleted or lost video files?

Ever wondered where do these deleted pictures or files go? When you delete a video file permanently or lose it in any data loss scenario the files aren’t instantly erased off your computer or SD card. The place where the files reside will be marked as ready to be overwritten.

Hence, if you keep using the storage device on which you want to perform video recovery, the chances of getting back your video files is only going to decrease.

How do I Recover Permanently Deleted or Lost Videos?

  • Deleted Video Recovery: If you accidentally deleted videos, the first place to find your deleted videos is Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. You can know more on Recycle Bin Recovery here. However, if you have emptied the Recycle Bin or Trash meaning you have permanently lost your video files which takes us to answering the question how to recover lost videos.
  • Lost Video Recovery: There are various scenarios that can lead to data loss including your favorite videos. It can be a virus infection to your personal computer leading to corruption or an inaccessible SD card on phone. There are so many ways you can lose your videos. To perform lost video recovery you will need a professional video recovery software. However, before moving on to making use of a video recovery software, let us see how to recover videos without a software.

3 Ways to Perform Video Recovery and get back Deleted or Lost Videos

The following are three ways to perform video recovery to recover deleted or lost videos either from phone or your computer.

  • Restore Videos from Recycle Bin or Mac Trash
  • Recover Videos from Cameras and Smartphones
  • Recover lost Videos from any Storage Devices using Video Recovery Software
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    Restore videos from Recycle Bin or Mac Trash

    If you feel that you have lost videos permanently, in other words you know that your videos are not there in Recycle Bin, please skip to the next step.

    To recover accidentally deleted videos from Recycle Bin follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Open Recycle Bin,
    • Select the deleted video files you want to restore
    • Click on Restore

    To recover accidentally deleted videos from Mac Trash, follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Open Mac Trash or left click on the trash icon
    • Drag the accidentally deleted videos on to desktop or desired location
    • Congrats, you have successfully recovered deleted videos from Mac

    How to Restore Videos from Cameras and Smartphones?

    We all know how capable our smartphones are when it comes to camera and shooting high quality videos. This method involves a video recovery software that can help you recover videos shot on any camera or smartphone.

    Note: With this video recovery tool, you can recover deleted videos from SD cards of smartphones and digital cameras. To know more on SD card data recovery, follow the mentioned link.

    Remo Video Recovery Tool is your smartest choice to recover video files that are lost or deleted. There is no video file format or camera that Remo Video Recovery Software cannot get you back. Additonally, Remo can also recover audio files from any damaged storaged drive.

    Built with an advanced scan algorithm backed by a specialist team working towards making the tool better with evolving updates, Remo Video Recovery Tool is all you need to get back your precious photos, videos and other media files.

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    Steps to Recover Deleted or lost Videos:

    To recover deleted or lost videos, download and install Remo Video Recovery Software and follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Launch the tool, click on Recover Photos (this option also recovers deleted or lost videos), select the drive from which you want to recover video files from and click on Scan Figure 1
    • After completion of the scanning process, the tool displays the recovered videos in Data type view and File type viewFigure 2
    • Make use of the Preview option to check the recovered video file. If you are satisfied with the video recovery process, activate the tool and Save the recovered video to the desired location. Figure 3

    Bonus Tip: Videos recovered after severe data loss are usually prone to corruption, if you have any unplayable video file refer here to know how to repair corrupt videos using a tried and trusted video repair software.


    It is always rewarding to have a backup of data in case you face any data loss scenarios. Hence, it is recommended to take regular backup of videos and other important data.However, if you have lost or accidentally deleted video files you can always make use of Remo Video Recovery Software. Do share your valuable feedback by reviewing our tool, if you were successful in recovering deleted videos. You can also make use of the 24/7 customer support, if you are facing trouble in performing video recovery.

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