How to repair corrupt MOV or MP4 files on Mac OS X?

MOV or MP4 files tends to get corrupted and Remo Repair MOV software is one of the best software to help you in this worst case scenerio. This software becomes handy when your most memorable video file gets corrupted. Below is a video tutorial that guides you on how to repair corrupted MOV or MP4 files on Mac OS X.



Video Transcript

Hi there! Let me show you how to repair corrupted MOV or MP4 files using Remo Repair MOV software.

Launch the software.

Click on "Healthy File" button and select a healthy working MOV or MP4 file as a reference.

Now, click on "Corrupted File" button and select the corrupted file you wish to repair.

Make sure both healthy file and the corrupted file were shot by same Camera, Camcorder or Phone.

Click on "Repair" button to repair the file.

Once the repair process is complete, click on "Preview" button to preview the repaired file.

Click on "Save" button to save the repaired file.

Select a location for saving the repaired file and click on "Save" button.

After the saving process, software opens the saved file location.

This is the repaired file saved by the software.

Thanks for watching!