How to speed up your PC using Remo MORE for Windows

This video gives you a quick overview on Remo MORE for Windows and its features. Remo MORE software offers “One Click Maintenance” first of its kind to enhance your device performance in just a simple click. Just click on “One Click Maintenance” button and let the software fix all the issues on your computer. Remo MORE offers Cloud Control feature to enhance your device performance remotely from any location. You don’t need to sit right in front of your computer to fix issues. Just a press of button from Remo MORE Cloud will initiate Remo MORE software to perform the given task on your PC.

Are you tired of doing routine PC maintenance by doing Drive Defragmentation, cleaning browser, fixing registry errors, etc.? No more, Remo MORE can ease your regular PC maintenance, just schedule the process for the first time and Remo MORE software takes care of it. Moreover, the software can perform the scheduled tasks only when your PC or Laptop is idle without impacting your work.

With Remo MORE software you can Manage, Optimize, Recover and Enhance your Windows PC or Laptop with the features such as; Drive Defrag, Shutdown Manage, Drive Statistics, System Statistics, Data Wipe, File Manager, Compress & Burn, Privacy Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Free Space Wipe, Memory Optimizer, Remove Duplicates, Start-up Speed Enhancer and Internet Speed Enhancer.



Video Transcript

Hi there! Let me show you a quick demo on Remo MORE for Windows software.

Once you launch MORE software for the first time, a scan will be performed to find the issues on your computer. Wait till the scan completes.

After the scan, the software displays a detailed report about the computer.

"Errors" found on the computer are displayed here, which needs to be fixed immediately.

"Warnings" displayed here needs your attention and can be fixed using MORE software.

"Info" displayed here gives you detailed
information and helps you enhance the computer as well.

Click on "Do MORE" button to fix all the found issues in just one click!

Please wait while the software is fixing the issues.

The errors are now fixed in no time!

Let us see how to fix these warnings.

Click on any one of the displayed warning.

Here "Drive Checker" opens up. Select the drive and click "Next", it's done!

This process fixes "File System" errors on the drive. Once the process is complete it provides a detailed report about the drive.

Click "Finish" and fix other warnings in the same way.

Now the "Warnings" are cleared.

Click on any item on the Info to check the details. You can even Manage or Optimize that specific item if required.

In the same way you can check the other items under "Info".

"Do MORE" is the most powerful option which has the ability to fix almost all common computer issues in just one click.

Advanced users can use the individual applications listed under "M" "O" "R" "E".

Click on "M - Manage" to access these applications under "Manage".

Click on "O - Optimize" to access these applications under "Optimize".

Click on "R - Recover" to access these applications under "Recover".

Click on "E - Enhance" to access these applications under "Enhance".

Thanks for watching!