How to use Remo MORE for iOS on iPhones and iPad devices?

Contacts mess up in iOS device is common and every iPhone and iPad users are used to it. Remo MORE is the solution for piled up duplicate contacts on your iOS devices. Just remove the duplicate contacts based on duplicate phone numbers, names, email ID, blank contacts and let it be anything, just you remove those at ease. Worried what if I remove a contact by mistake? There comes Contacts Backup, just take a backup and remove duplicates. If removed any contacts accidently just restore the backup, moreover all these features in just few simple taps!

Is privacy your concern, lock files and folders quickly with Remo MORE Locker. No one can access your personal files without your authorization. Huge files eating up your iPhone or iPad memory, compress files with Remo MORE Compress Files. Get a detailed report about your iOS device with “System Information” and RAM usage information with “Memory Info” options.

So next question is how many apps I need to install on my iPhone or iPad? Just one single app “Remo MORE for iOS”, it has all the above mentioned apps under one window.



Video Transcript

Hi there! Let me show you how to use Remo MORE software on an IOS device.

Open Remo MORE software

Click on "Do MORE" button

Wait till the scan completes.

After the scan, the software displays a detailed report about device.

Found errors, warnings and information about your device will be displayed here.

If you wish to organize or manage any specific errors or warnings just click on that specific item.

Click on "Do MORE" button to fix all the found issues in just one click!

System Memory is now optimized, click on"Manage" to fix your Contacts error

The errors are now fixed!

Now, let us see how to fix warnings. Click on an item under "Warnings"

Here "Call Backup" was taken 85 days before, it's time to take a backup.

Click on "Backup Contacts" and it's done!

The warnings are cleared and shown as an information!

Advance users can use the individual applications listed under "M" "O" "R" "E".

Click on "M - Manage" to access the applications under "Manage".

Click on "O - Organize" to access the applications under "Organize".

Click on "R - Recover" to access the applications under "Recover".

Click on "E - Enhance" to access the applications under "Enhance".

Click on "Settings" to customize the default settings.

You can now choose what type of Contact issues to be checked when you click on "Do MORE One Click Maintenance" button

Also, you could deselect or select Memory Optimization settings in "Do MORE One Click Maintenance".

Click on "Apply" to save the changes you made.

"Do MORE" is the most powerful option which has the ability to fix almost all common iOS device issues in just one simple click!

Thanks for watching!