How to activate Remo Software using Offline Activation

Activating Remo Software products is quite simple. However, in case of failure with online activation you can perform "Offline Activation" following the step by step guidance in this video.

Video Transcript

Step 1: Launch Remo software and click on Register

Step 2: Click on "Enter Key" button

Step 3: Select "Offline Activation"

Step 4: Choose "I need the unlock code" and click Next

Step 5: Click on "E-mail Machine Code" button

Step 6: If you have not configured Outlook copy the Machine Code and email it to support

Step 7: A response from Remo Support team with the Offline Unlock Code will arrive.

Step 8: Click Back button

Step 9: Now select "I have an unlock code" and click Next

Step 10: Copy and paste here the Unlock Code received in Email

Step 11: Click "Next" to activate the software.

A confirmation message will be displayed, indicating succesful activation which confirms the software is activated.

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