Activating Remo Mac applications using Offline Activation

Here is an alternate method of activating Remo Mac applications, follow the steps mentioned in this video tutorial to activate the software using Offline Activation.



Video Transcript

Hi there! Let me show you how to activate "Remo Software" Mac products using Offline Activation method.

The activation procedure for all Remo Mac products are similar, I am using Remo Recover Mac software to give this demo.

Launch the software and click on "Register"

If you have already purchased the software, close the web browser.

Now click on "Offline Activation"

Select the appropriate edition which you have purchased and click on OK button.

Click on "E-mail Machine Code" button

If "Apple Mail" is not your default mail client, then copy the Machine Code and email it to

You will receive a response from Remo Support Team with an Activation Code

Copy and paste here the Activation Code received in email and click on "Activate" button

A confirmation message is displayed indicating successful activation, which confirms the software is activated and fully functional.

Thanks for watching!