How to perform partition recovery using Remo Recover Windows 5.0 (2018 version)?

Partition recovery in Remo Recover software is a unique feature which performs rigorous scan on a drive to recover lost, deleted or corrupted partitions. Below is a video tutorial on how to use partition recovery option.

Video Transcript

Hi There! Let me show you how to recover data from deleted, lost or corrupted partition and drives:

Launch Remo Recover 5.0 software

Click on "Recover Partitions"

Select the storage device on which the partition is lost or corrupted and click on "Scan"

Scanning time depends on the size and condition of your device, wait till the scan completes 100%

Software will display the found partitions after the scan

Select a partition based on the size of your original, lost or corrupted partition

The software displays the data found on the selected partition

In case the data is not found on the selected partition, click on "Back" button and choose a different partition

File Type view segregates the data based on their file extension

You can also search for a specific file or file type using the search option

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can perform "Deep Scan"

Select the files or folders you would like to recover and click on "Save"

Recovery Session helps you to open the recovery results without rescanning the drive again.

Once the saving process completes, the software will open the location where the recovered data is saved

These are the files recovered from the lost partition. Thanks for watching!