How to manage devices remotely using Remo MORE Cloud Control Panel?

Remo MORE Cloud Control Panel is first of its type which lets you manage, optimize and enhance your device performance from anywhere. Just login to your Remo MORE Cloud account and start adding your devices let it be Windows PC, Mac Notebooks, Android Phone or iPhone & iPads, Remo MORE supports all. Remo MORE software works on cross-platforms and supports almost all major computer and mobile Operating Systems. Once the device is added you can perform “One Click Maintenance” right from cloud and your device will receive the command and initiate Remo MORE software to perform the task. You don’t need to be right in front of your computer or the other added devices to use Remo MORE software, you can use the software from any location with just access to Remo MORE Cloud Control Panel.



Video Transcript

Hi there! Let me show you how to use "Remo MORE Cloud Control"

First let us see how to add a device to Remo MORE Cloud.

Launch Remo MORE software and click on "Cloud Control" on the top bar.

In case of Android and IOS devices, you can find "Cloud Control" in Settings.

Once you click on "Cloud Control" a webpage opens up for login.

If you haven't registered click on "Sign Up".

Fill in the form and click on "Sign Up" button.

Your "Cloud Control" is now ready and the device on which you have clicked on "Cloud Control" is added.

Now, let us see the other way of adding a device to "Remo MORE Cloud"

Open any web browser and enter "my dot remosoftware dot com" (

Enter your Email Address and Password to login. New users click on "Sign Up".

Once you Login, click on "Add Devices"

Select a device you wish to add

Now click on "Download Now" button to download "Remo MORE" software to your device.

After downloading install the software.

Launch Remo MORE software and click on "Cloud Control"

The device is now added successfully.

Click on the added device to check the properties.

Here you can check the device hardware components, storage space, battery level, hard drive temperature, device info.

Now let us see how to add an Android device

Click on "Add Devices" and select Android Phone or Tablet

Click on "Download Now" button

You will be redirected to "Google Play" store to download Remo MORE app for Android.

Click on "Install" to download and install the software to your Android device.

Once installation is complete, open Remo MORE software on your Android device. Click on Settings and click on "MORE Cloud Control"

Once you click on "MORE Cloud Control" your device will be added to "Remo MORE Cloud Control"

Once you click on "MORE Cloud Control" your device will be added to "Remo MORE Cloud Control"

Click on the device to check the properties.

Let us see how to remove an added device from Remo MORE Cloud Control

Click on "My Settings" under your Username

Every added device has a remove option. Scroll down and click "Remove" on the device you wish to remove from "Cloud Control"

The Android device is now removed.

In order to perform "One Click Maintenance" on all the added devices click on "Do MORE On All Devices" button

Remote One Click Maintenance will be initiated on the added devices.

On completion of One Click Maintenance a confirmation message pops up.

You can also perform "One Click Maintenance" only on selected device by clicking on that specific device on Remo MORE Cloud Control.

Click on "Logout" under your Username to exit Remo MORE Cloud Control.

Thanks for watching!