How to Restore Files from USB Drive after Error?

Your USB drive has become inaccessible and throwing error when connected to PC? Then, here is a simple way to access the USB drive and get back your data. Straightaway download the trial version of Remo Recover Software that recovers all files from the drive and avails free preview of the recovered files. Try now!!!

USB drives are known with various names such as pen drive, memory stick, thumb drive etc. It is a data storage device which uses flash memory.

Due to the very nature of USB’s, they are subject to a number of data transfer processes. Hence, chance of corruption and damage is more leading to errors. Outdated drivers, software conflicts between OS and USB drives, unstable USB controllers are other reasons for USB errors such as ‘Please insert a disk into removable disk’. Other common error messages are -

  • ‘You need to format the disk in drive’
  • ‘USB drive not recognized’
  • ‘One of the USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it’

These error messages occur due to various reasons. If the error is the result of a simple issue, using a different USB port or updating Windows will help solve the issue. However, in other cases, software may be required to resolve complex issues. Both manual and software methods are explained in this article.

Method #1. Steps to troubleshoot USB errors manually:

1. Different USB port

Plug in your USB device to a different USB port and check if it helps.

2. Reinstall drivers

Press Windows + X, go to Computer Management and click on Device Manager. Then select Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Double click on the device and click Uninstall. Then restart your system and connect USB again.

Assign a new drive letter to USB drive

  • Log in as administrator and press Windows + X
  • Click on Disk Management
  • Right click on your removable drive and select Change drive letter and path
  • Change drive letter to a letter not assigned in Windows

This will change the drive letter associated with your USB, helping is easy identification.

Method #2: Chkdsk command

If troubleshooting hardware does not work, you can try using Chkdsk command to repair a corrupt hard drive.

  • Connect your device to your PC.
  • Go to command prompt and enter Chkdsk, then your drive’s letter, followed by a colon and /f.
  • If your data is recovered, it will be saved in the directory lost.dir in the external drive’s folders

If the manual methods do not help fix the error, your USB is severely corrupted. In such cases, you need a professional tool like Remo Recover to recover data.

Method #3. Recover data from USB Drive using Remo recover Software

Remo Recover is designed to recover data from USB’s, internal and external hard drives, memory cards and other storage devices. It supports various file systems such as FAT 16, FAT32, NTFS and RAID partitions. You can recover files from inaccessible and RAW partitions as well. The software can be used with various brands of USB’s like Kingston, SanDisk, HP, Transcend etc.

Two advanced features of Remo Recover are "Preview" and "Save Recovery Session" option. Preview feature allows you to preview the files before recovery. Save Recovery Session allows you to save and resume recovery session at a later time.

Steps to recover data from USB drive

Download and install Remo Recover Software on your system. Then connect USB drive to your system and follow the simple steps explained below:

  • Initially connect your corrupted or inaccessible USB drive to any PC or Laptop where you have installed the software
  • Download tool and install successfully.Click on "Recover Files" and select your USB from list of drives, Click on Scan shown in figure Figure 1
  • Once file recovery process completes you can preview list of recovered files in "File Type View" and "Data View" format Figure 5
  • Save the recovered files on to desired location.

Note: Using the demo version of the software you can preview the files. However, in order to save your files, you need a licensed version.

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