Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery

Updated on August 20, 2020

Oops!!! I lost files from my WD My Book hard drive

Think of a case wherein you just plugged in your WD My Book external drive to your system, in order to carry out a data transfer. When you started with the process, you unfortunately faced a system shutdown that caused the loss of your valuable files from the corresponding drive. Don’t be anxious!! Such files are always recoverable. Follow this article to extract more information on recovery of files

How can you resolve a data loss issue?

Western digital My Book comes under the series of external hard drives manufactured by Western Digital. It extracts this name because of its book like appearance. Due to its different data storage sizes and portable nature, they are used by a large number of users to backup their data. It can create a replica of your internal hard drive, by storing all the data in the same location. However, with all the efforts put to secure the data, you still tend to lose data from these drives.

Generally, you confront the loss of files from WD My Book External Drive partitions either by mistakes committed by humans or errors in the software. However, many follow the absolute myth that lost files cannot be regained back. Speaking in technical terms, when a file is deleted or lost from a partition, it is only the file pointers that are removed but not the actual file. They remain in the same position making its space available for new files. Unless and until these files are overwritten, you can recover them with the aid to recovery tools.

Other scenarios that lead to data loss from the WD My Book external hard disk:

  • Malware attacks by downloading files from suspicious sites into the Western Digital My Book, can cause harm to your files and makes the partitions inaccessible.
  • Using unreliable partition formation tools on your external disk, can eventually lead to partition corruption and results in data loss.
  • Users may accidentally click on format option on the partitions, while they were planning to press on rename or copy option. This unintentionally leads to a massive amount of data loss from WD My Book drive partitions.
  • Sometimes if the virus attack on external HDD may be so severe that the antivirus deletes the entire file along with the malware threats.

Hence, to avoid such circumstances that cause loss of files from My Book external drives, it is always preferred to have a good backup plan. If you still happen to lose data even after following all the precautionary steps, you can always go for Remo Recover Software to gain your files without any alterations. This effective recovery tool can scan your WD My Book partitions in just a few minutes of time and retrieve missing files for you.

Why do users prefer Remo Recover Software?

Remo Recover utility has gained a lot of popularity due to its highly advanced algorithms that brings about a perfect and safe recovery from Western Digital My Book external hard disk. They offer lots of additional features that can guide you all through the recovery process. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and their latest versions. Even a novice user can use this tool easily due to its simple and attractive interface.

With the use of the demo version of this tool, one can preview the restored files prior to saving them back on the system. You can retrieve any file formats such as audio, documents, html files, spreadsheets, images, visual files, etc. having this software installed in your system. With the help of Remo Recover, you can rearrange the retrieved files based on different file attributes.

Video Tutorial

Take a look at the following video tutorial to know the step by step procedure regarding Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery.

Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery Using Remo Recover

NOTE: Use the demo version of the tool to check the working and effectiveness of the software. In order to save the recovered files, you need to purchase the complete version online and restore your files back to any desired location.

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