Restoring Files after Format Disk Error in Windows 7

Encountering Format Disk Error message while attempting to access Windows 7 drive? Not able to decide whether to format it or not for fear of losing vital files? Put an end to this confusion by using Remo Recover to restore all data from Windows 7 with no further delay!

Windows 7 is one of the most widely used operating systems in desktops and laptops. Though it provides various unique features, data stored in Windows 7 system is not completely secure as it is prone to data loss. At times, while accessing Windows 7 drive you may come across a situation where format disk error messages are encountered, like "Disk is not ready needs to be formatted", or "Device cannot be accessed, needs to be formatted", etc.

Such error messages will not allow you to access data stored in the drive unless and until you format it. If you do not have a backup of files, then entire data stored in Windows 7 drive will get lost. So are you never going to get back your important files again? Is recovering data not a possibility? Don't worry, it sure is possible as long as you have a software like Remo Recover to retrieve data from Windows 7 even after format disk error.

Remo Windows Recovery software for restoring Windows 7 after Format Disk Error:

This tool is a secure application which effortlessly recovers files from Windows 7 drive even after encountering format errors. It retrieves data without damaging actual files as it works on read-only mode. In fact, this Hard Disk Recovery utility can also recover entire data from the drive even if you have hit the "OK" option and formatted your drive. The program scans the entire drive having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file systems to locate and restore files on the basis of its file format.

Various file types like media files, spreadsheets, Zip archives, RAR files and many more can be retrieved with ease. You can easily find the required files from the recovered data list based on the file name, file size, date or creation and file type. Apart from Windows 7 system, Remo Recover also supports data recovery from Windows 8, Windows Vista, and so on..

Now that you know how Remo Recover retrieves data from Windows 7 system, let's see the various reasons behind these dreaded format error messages...

Some of the factors causing format errors in Windows 7:

  • If file system of Windows 7 drive is damaged, then it is possible that you may get format errors when you try to access Windows 7 drive
  • Incompatibility issues between BIOS settings and drives results in format errors
  • Increasing bad sectors on Windows 7 drive can also lead to such errors

Precautionary Measures from loss of data in Windows 7:

  • It is mandatory to keep extra copy of important files and folders
  • After encountering such errors, if you format the drive, then avoid using it unless recovery process is carried out
  • Protect Windows 7 system with licensed antivirus software

Guide to Restore Files After Format Disk Error in Windows 7

Remo Recover software should be downloaded and installed on your system. Then, launch the software by double clicking it. Main screen gets displayed, from where click on Recover Drives option. After which click on Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery according to scenario. Now, choose the drive from where you want recover data and click on Next option to start the scanning process. Check those files before saving utilizing an option called Preview

Watch this video guide for complete recovery procedure:

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