How to Recover Data from Windows 8.1 Hard Drive

“I have lost all my important data from hard drive of Windows 8.1 computer, it happened when I accidentally formatted the drive when I wanted to perform some other activity. This recklessness led to loss of huge amount of data from my Windows 8.1 hard drive which includes my significant data. Thus what I want to know is there any way by which I can easily recover all the lost data very quickly. If so please guide me through the whole process of recovery in an easy way as I am new to computer world” 

When you lose your essential data from hard drive then it makes you very disappointed but as you have arrived at the right place there is no need to worry much; because in this article you can find the easiest way to recover all the lost data. Thus the easiest method by which a novice or beginner user can perform hard drive recovery is by using Remo Recover (Windows) tool; by making use of this renowned application you can effortlessly get back all the data without any trouble.

Other ways by which data can get lost from hard drive

Bad sectors: Improper use of computer will cause creation of bad sectors, thus if the improper usage is repeated many times then there will be creation of cluster (formation of bad sectors occupying large space on hard drive) which leads to data inaccessibility. Moreover as Windows 8.1 is a new operating system there will be some sort of uncertain usage which cannot be avoided 

Virus invasion: Even though Windows 8.1 comes with Windows Defender which is an in-built utility to evade malware intrusion from internet. However there are chances that your computer may get infected by other external threats like inserting infected USB drive, downloading files from untrusted or pirated websites etc. can act as source for virus invasion

Interruptions: While running long processes like defragmentation, file system conversion, downloading etc. if there is any kind of interruption such as sudden system shutdown, abrupt termination of application due to software conflict and many others can lead to data loss

Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are many other situations too which can cause data loss from hard drive, thus if you have come across any such situation then make use of Remo Recover (Widows) program which can effortlessly recover data from SCSI, SATA and IDE hard drive within minutes.

Notable features of Remo Recover (Windows)

  • This application provides you with much understandable user interface which helps novice users to easily accomplish the task of recovery with just few clicks
  • Apart from internal hard drive this advance software can also perform external HDD data recovery after format error
  • This tool has the ability to recover more than 300 types of files and additionally allows you to tailor your scanning process by adding or editing the file signature
  • Preview option provided by this application can be an added advantage for users who are in ambiguity in purchasing the licensed application. This option will allow you to preview the recovered data before storing it to desired location

Tutorial ti Retrieve Data from Windows 8.1 HDD

  • Firstly, download and install Remo Recover on your Windows 8.1 PC
  • Then launch it to view the main page of the software
  • Select Recover Partitions, choose the drive from where you want to retrieve data and click on Scan button to begin the scanning process
  • After the completion of scanning process, huge list of recovered files gets displayed
  • Now, with the help of an option called Preview you can view restored files before storing them on specific location.

Watch the complete video to know Windows 8.1 hard drive recovery

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