How to remove duplicate files on Windows 8?

Have you stored lots of same files in different location of Windows 8 system? Are you running out of memory due to accumulation of duplicate files on your Windows 8 system? Do you wish to delete them permanently?

No need to worry, this is one of the common scenarios every user might have come across and face problem. But this not such a big deal you can solve this issues very quickly and smoothly. As we all know that one can easily delete duplicate files manually by selecting a file and pressing delete button on keyboard. But if you have thousands of files in a folder in which how will you search it. You can search but it takes a lot of time and it is tedious one too. Suppose if a single duplicate file in one location it is not big problem but if you have more number of duplicate files in various locations of Windows 8 hard disk then, is it possible for to search and delete them. No way in such situation it is better to get assistance from third party application to delete them efficiently. Remo MORE is one such robust and reliable application to remove any file type of duplicate one on Windows 8 OS in a an easy manner.

How duplicate files create on Windows 8 system?

  • Downloading a same file again and again and keeping on different location without noticing it
  • Modifying a existing file and keeping in different location of hard disk
  • Copying same files again and again

What are the disadvantages of keeping duplicate files on Windows 8 system?

  • You may fall in shortage of memory space on hard disk
  • Slowly system performance goes down since more them free space in hard disk then more will be system speed
  • At times you may failed to find correct or modified file

Advantages of using Remo MORE application

  • Efficiently removes all duplicate files types such as audio, video, picture, etc
  • Removes duplicate files from various storage devices such as hard disk, memory card, iPod, etc
  • Supports multiplatform Mac, Android, iOS and Windows
  • Apart from Windows 8, removes duplicate files on Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP, etc
  • Performs safe, secure and quick duplicate removing process
  • Provides free tech support
  • User friendly application

Steps to delete duplicate files on Windows 8 system using Remo MORE

  • Download and install Remo MORE tool on your Windows 8 PC or laptop. Launch the tool and click on “Optimize” button  on the main screen window as depicted in Figure 1
  • Next you click on “Remove Duplicates” option as depicted in Figure 2
  • Now you select the place from where you want to detect and remove duplicate files, using the options as shown in Figure 3
  •  After few minutes  you get a list of duplicate files and you mark against files that you want to remove them on Windows 8 PC then click on “Delete Permanently” option as shown in Figure 4
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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