Recover Windows 8 Notebook Files

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Notebook is a portable personal computer that works on battery or AC power. It is light weighted and widely used for both professional and personal use. This device is a combination of all components and inputs of desktop computers. It can be carried anywhere as it is very convenient to use. User can easily take benefits of Windows 8 OS in Notebook. Unfortunately like other Notebook, data stored in Windows 8 Notebook are prone to data loss situation. There are many scenarios that are responsible for loss of data from Windows 8 Notebook and some of them are explained below:

Disk Management Utility: User may use Windows 8 disk management utility or some third party tool to resize, modify or extend partition of Windows 8 Notebook. If this partitioning process goes wrong then there are possibilities that user may end up deleting or corrupting entire partition leading to heavy loss of data.

External Threat: If Notebook is not secured by antivirus program then malicious threats like malware, Trojan, virus, etc. may infect Windows 8 Notebook. If virus attack in Windows 8 drive is very severe then it may cause severe damage to Drive File System. Hence the hard drive becomes inaccessible and data cannot be viewed causing data loss situations.

Accidental Formatting: Accidental deletion action is the most frequent cause for data loss situation from Windows 8 Notebook. User may accidentally format entire Windows 8 drive or partition instead of formatting some other logical drive resulting into huge loss of data from Windows 8 Notebook.

Power Surge: Due to power surge during partitioning or data transfer process, data stored in that Windows 8 hard drive is not accessible which cause heavy loss of data.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there are many other factors that can be responsible for loss of data from Windows 8 Notebook like improper defragment process, dual / multi OS boot installation error, MBR corruption, improper reformatting process and many more. Whenever you come across such scenarios don't panic just make use of some third party tool like Remo Recover (Windows) software to get your data back. The tool is equipped with various scanning technologies that could effortlesly scan and recover any type of data from Windows 8 Notebook.

Remo Recover (Windows) Utility:

Remo Recover (Windows) Utility is the best software to perform Windows 8 Notebook Recovery. This data recovery tool will easily restore data from partition of Windows 8 Notebook that are deleted, missing or corrupted. It also supports recovery of around 300 types of files which are lost, deleted or formatted with great ease. This tool easily recovers data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID 5 partitions which has been formatted or deleted. Moreover, using this tool you can even recover data from corrupted Windows drives in a matter of minutes.

Apart from Notebook, it also recovers data from desktop computers with great ease. It supports all brands of Notebook like Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, HP and many others. This software supports File Systems like FAT and NTFS. User can easily restore files that bypass Recycle Bin with great ease. It also has the ability to skip bad sectors by creating Disk Image and then recovers data from Windows 8 drive that is inaccessible due to bad sectors.

Remo Recover (Windows) utility provides an option for the user to sort out all restored files on basis of their name, size and file type. Retrieved files can also be viewed using "Preview" option prior to saving them. User can easily save restored files in different types of storage drives without any difficulties. It can be installed and executed to recover lost data from Windows Vista, Windows7, and Windows XP systems.

Safety Tips and Tricks:

  • Soon after data loss situation stop using Notebook in order to accomplish complete data retrieval.
  • Do maintain additional copy of important data
  • Safeguard your Notebook by installing reliable antivirus software.
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Safe and Secure
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