I am using a Dell N5010 laptop with Windows 8 ultimate edition operating system in it. I tried to extend one of my primary partitions which had a lot of data inside. Some what I successfully partitioned the hard drive but by mistake I quoted the wrong storage amount when prompted. As a result of that around 20 GB of space and data went missing. I don’t bother about the space and I am really worried about the data. They were official and any I cost I need them back. Can anyone recommend me good Windows 8 partition recovery tool along with its procedure?

Yes of course, the missing Windows 8 partition data can be successfully recovered without any damage or intervention to the partitioned data using well mechanized recovery software. You may ask why mechanized recovery software is needed. The Windows 8 operating system uses the REFS file system as default partitioning file system. Not all the recovery software available in the internet market is capable of recovering these kinds of file systems. Remo Recover Windows is one of the best for Windows 8 partition recovery software and also for RAID recovery tool for Windows OS in case of, corruption of partition table that may lead to loss of all information. This tool has an inbuilt specialized mechanism to restore the partitioned data. To know more about this software kindly read further.

Outstanding features of Remo Recover Windows:

  • Provides complete support for deleted files in Windows 8 OS on all versions
  • Almost all data deleted / lost during Windows 8 partition can be recovered successfully
  • Has the ability to restore data from deleted and lost partitions
  • Recovered files compression is available for the user having lack of space in their storage devices
  • Preserves file names and folder structure of the recovered files after successful restoration

Few data loss scenarios supported by Remo Recover Windows:

  • Restores data from accidental deletion of Windows 8 partition
  • Restores data from drives partitioned using Windows 8 disk management utility and other third party utilities
  • Windows 8 drives with partitioning errors can also be recovered successfully
  • Windows 8 Partitions with file system corruption can also be recovered as well
  • Restores data from Windows 8 lost and missing partitions

Remo Recover Windows specialized in:

  • Windows 8 partitioned data recovery with great accuracy
  • Data from Windows 7 can be recovered along with its earlier and previous versions easily with this software, as it scans robustly and restore all file formats
  • Windows 8 partitions with altered file systems also recovered successfully
  • Efficient tool to perform Windows server data recovery
  • Provides a demo version for the user to experience the functionality
  • Data loss or corruption during the Windows 8 partition recovery process is highly negligible.

Procedural guidelines for using Remo Recover Windows:

  • Get the Remo Recover software for performing Windows 8 partition recovery from the link provided here and install it in your Windows 8 PC
  • After successful installation open the software program and start the recovery process
  • In the main window choose “Recover Partitions” option
  • Select the drive and click on “Scan” option and the software will start scanning process
  • Now select the file types that need to be recovered from the Windows 8 partition
  • A resultant window with the recovered data from the deleted / lost Windows 8 partition will be displayed
  • Save the recovery session and purchase the software if satisfied by the results
  • Now extract the recovered files from the saved sessions to any storage location
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