Windows 8 Registry Cleaner

Windows 8 registry is most important components of your Windows 8 system. It’s a hierarchical database that saves all your system’s device and file associations including settings for low-level OS and for programs running on your system that you have opted to use the registry. If  the registry files are not maintained properly then it can displays errors while system startup that causes system and application issues.

Type of Registry Errors

  • Blue Screen of Death: This is one of the common type of registry error. This error usually occurs when the settings are improperly configured on the registry folders. Due to this error computer may crashes and displays frequent blue screen error while Windows startup.
  • DLL errors: This is other type of common types of registry error that appears when an application program is missing a very important DLL  file that makes to run executable files of that application program.  Registry start-up errors are other type of registry errors. These errors normally comes when a start-up item is lost or not properly configured.

Why should i clean registry errors?

Registry errors cause the overall performance of PC to slow down. Because the registry files are includes configuration of programs, system components installed information, etc. If any of this information is damaged or lost, then your system likely to slow down, freeze, and eventually crash.

Then how can i clean Windows 8 registry errors?

It’s a very simple process just you need to perform some clicks on Windows 8 application. But this process is not so efficient hence it is better to opting third party application like Remo MORE. This product provides exclusive features to remove registry errors including unwanted files, free memory space. By performing all these action you can expect better performance of your windows 8 system. In addition, it boosts up startup speed of system.

What are other advantages of having Remo MORE suit?

  • User friendly application: This application provides high end user graphical user interface to operate the application easily. In addition, each screen shots are in descriptive nature thus it helps all types of user to carry out Windows 8 registry cleaning quickly.
  • Free support: You can avail free customer support via email or live chat applications when you find difficulties in installing and operating tool. This service is available for 24*7 hours.
  • Safe application: This application is fully free from all virus and malware threats hence using this tool there will not be any damage to your system. In addition, it is very ease to use and performs quick operations.

Steps to clean Windows 8 registry:

Step 1: install Remo MORE utility on your Windows 8 system and then launch it by double clicking on "Optimize" option as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: From the next screen  click on "Registry Cleaner" and then "Clean Registry" option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Now use "Quick Scan" option for all invalid key values present in the Registry as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: Once the scanning process is successful, displays list of registry errors.  Click on "Fix Problems" option as shown in Figure 4

Step 5: After completing the Windows 8 Registry cleanup process, click on "Finish" button to end the process as shown in Figure 5

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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