Windows NTFS Partition Recovery

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NTFS (New Technology File System) is a propriety file system designed by Microsoft which offers you with much improved support for metadata. It has many technical improvement over FAT and HPFS file system, and make use of advanced data structures to enhance performance. However most the times it is noticed that the data within your Windows based computer (with NTFS file system) reported several data loss scenarios. This is mainly because of the user’s negligence in handling the computer improperly or by the computer itself which at times react in an abnormal way due to malfunction. Besides this most of the users still think that the data once saved on the hard drive is safe permanently but this is not true because there are situations which can act catastrophe to your data. Some of the very common scenarios due to which you may come across data loss are as mentioned below.

Scenarios of data loss from NTFS based computer

  • When there is any kind of improper handling of computer then it results in creation of bad sectors, however if the creation of bad sectors grow in a large extent then this bad sectors will form a large cluster on the NTFS drive. Thus the data which is residing on the bad sectors become inaccessible for the user hence resulting in data loss
  • If the long running process like defragmentation, format, reformat etc. is performed improperly or if there is any kind of interruption in between the process then there are chances that you may lose your data from the drive
  • NTFS partition is very prone and can easily get affected by virus, thus when the virus infection is severe then it can cause huge damage to your partition and at times it can corrupt the partition table resulting in huge amount of data loss
  • Data loss can happen when a user come across partition errors caused while trying to create or recreate the partitions using untrusted third party tool

These are some of the commonly faced scenarios due to which you may lose your precious data. However these kind of data loss scenarios can be easily handled, so you can calm down now. Thus one of the software which can easily handle this kind of critical situation is called as Remo Recover (Windows).

Features of Remo Recover (Windows)

  • This utility provides you with very simple graphical user interface, moreover using this interface it makes any novice user to effortlessly recover all the lost data 
  • Apart from NTFS file system it has the ability to recover files from corrupted NTFS5 partition very easily
  • With the help of this renowned program you can recover more than 300 types of files and more over it allows you to customize the scanning either by adding or editing the file signature while performing recovery process
  • Once the recovery is performed successfully the application facilitates you to preview the recovered data before saving it on safer location

Steps to recover lost data from NTFS partition

  • Download the trial version of this program and install it on your computer
  • Launch the application, and from the main screen click on “Recover Drives” option which is as shown in Figure 1
  • From the upcoming screen which is as shown in Figure 2, click on “Partition Recovery” option
  • Once you click on “Partition Recovery” option, the utility will list all the available partitions on your computer as in Figure 3. From the list select the partition from which you want to recover the lost data
  • As soon as you click on the partition the software will start the scanning process which is as shown in the Figure 4
  • And once the scanning is completed successfully then all the recovered data is listed, and here you can make use of “Preview” option to view all the recovered data as in Figure 5
  • After viewing all the recovered data you can save the recovery related info by using “Save Recovery Session” option, this option is as indicated in Figure 6
  • After saving the session purchase the licensed version of this product and activate it
  • Once activated open the application and click on “Open Recovery Session” option and select the recovery session which was already saved, this option is displayed as in Figure 7
  • After successful recovery save the recovered data to some safer location

Extra Info: There may be situation where you may accidentally format the partition, however there is no need to worry because by making use of a reliable tool you can easily recover accidentally formatted partition, in order to know more about the tool just click on the link which is provided

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