How to clean Windows registry?

Windows registry is a core part of your computer operating system, which contains the entries of every hardware and software installed on your computer. It contains all the settings and some vital information that helps your system to run smoothly. Over time, the Windows registry becomes congested with unnecessary entries as you installed, upgraded or deleted many applications. Then your system performance may go down and becomes unable to run any applications faster. In order to make your system run faster, you have to clean up Windows registry. There are many free Windows registry cleaner tools available such as Remo MORE software. The Remo MORE software is a free utility that you can use to keep Windows registry clean.

Following problems shows Windows Registry issues in your computer

  • Your system becomes very slow that you cannot run applications faster and it takes more time to open files and folders.
  • Your computer takes more time to start up (it may be 5 minutes or more than that)
  • Your system freezes repeatedly when you are working on it
  • PC crashes while running programs, without any reason
  • Applications can open slowly and freezes frequently

These all problems can occur because of invalid entries in Windows registry. As you use the computer for few days, hundreds of useless entries are left over in the Registry. The entries include files, application folders, start up programs, etc that are no longer needed. To clean up such entries from Registry and solve all the above problems, you can use Remo MORE software. It can detect all errors and fix them from the Windows registry.

Free, Powerful and Remarkable software

The Remo MORE software is absolutely free that you can completely clean the Registry without any charge. It is known as one of the powerful software as it has all the power to clear Registry and get the improved system performance immediately. It is also a remarkable application as it is possible to remove all the entries that are no longer in use.

Perform Quick Scan and Fix Registry Errors

The Remo MORE tool is designed with a powerful scanning technology, so that you can scan your system for all invalid Registry errors. After performing a scanning operation, you will get to know all the invalid keys and values present in Windows Registry. It can find all the values of uninstalled software, such as path entries, empty keys, file association, file extension, file types, fonts, help, shared DLL files, shortcuts, etc. These all are still present in your PC even after you uninstall the respective software. But the Remo MORE software can remove all these entries and fix the Registry issues.

Easy to Use for Everybody

The Remo MORE software's GUI is completely user-friendly that you can use it yourself without the help of computer experts. Even the computer novices can easily operate it. Only you need to go through the few options that are easy to understand. Just let your PC to scan with a simple scan option and then the software can automatically fix all Registry errors.

Steps to Clean Windows Registry

Step1: First install Remo MORE software on your computer and select “Optimize” option from the main page of the software as shown in Figure 1

Step2: From the next screen, select “Registry Cleaner” and then “Clean Registry” option as shown in Figure 2

Step3: Select “Quick Scan” option from the window shown in Figure 3

Step4: Finally, you will get the details of total keys deleted. click on “Finish” button to end the process.

Why Choose Remo?