Fix Broken WinRAR Files

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As you know WinRAR is a shareware file archive and compressor application for Windows Operating System. It has the ability to create archive in RAR file format. User can make use of this technique to compress various large files into one single file so as to reduce their size in order to share and store it in less amount of space. Such RAR files can also be used to transfer large size files over the network without loss of data. But at times user may come across situations wherein WinRAR files may show up error or refuse to open due to RAR file corruption.

There are various scenarios that cause WinRAR file corruption or damage and some of the causes are mentioned below:

CRC Error: There are possibilities that when WinRAR file is transmitted over the network, CRC error may get introduced in the file making it corrupt. Due to this error, unwanted bits get added to the file which refuses to open while trying to extract the contents from it.

Compression Error: If there is any sort of interruption during compression process then there are chances that WinRAR file may get damaged leading to inaccessibility. Sometimes, user may make use of unreliable third party tool which would cause WinRAR corruption.

Virus Attack: Virus attack is the major cause for WinRAR file damage or corruption. If WinRAR file gets damaged due to virus attack then user is not able to extract data from it.

Other Reasons: Other reasons that might be responsible for WinRAR file corruption are extraction error, download error, header file damage, improper shutdown, bad sectors and many more.

When WinRAR file is corrupted due to such scenarios then user may be worried of losing important RAR file. Don't fear and just be calm as user can make use of some safe third party repairing tool to repair corrupted or damaged WinRAR files with great ease.

Why Remo Repair RAR Software?

Remo Repair RAR software is a safe, complete and effective WinRAR repairing application. This repairing utility supports fixing of WinRAR files that are corrupted due to numerous reasons with ease. WinRAR files that are corrupted due to CRC error can also easily be repaired using this software. It supports repairing of RAR files that are created using any latest versions of WinRAR application.

This application works on read only mode, thus while scanning process it will create exact replica of corrupt RAR files without damaging original one and repairs it accordingly. It supports fixing of large sized WinRAR files with great ease. Apart from this, it also supports fixing of WinRAR files that are password protected. This excellent file repair tool can be installed on any latest versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8 and Windows server 2012 and 2008.

Tutorial to Fix Damaged RAR file

  • Download Remo Repair RAR software on your system and install it
  • Launch the software
  • Click on the "Browse" option to browse for the corrupted RAR file
  • Then click on the “Repair” button to initiate the repair process
  • On completion of repair process, you can preview the contents of the file and then hit on “Next” tab
  • Save the repaired WinRAR file on any desired location

Why Remo Repair RAR Utility?

  • Preview Repaired File: Remo Repair RAR utility provides user with "Preview" option with its free trial version itself so that user can check the repaired file before saving it.
  • Easy and secure: This software is very easy to use so that user with less technical knowledge can use it with great ease. It is also free from external threats as it is safe to install.
  • Free Demo Version: User can make use of free demo version so as to check its repairing results before purchasing licensed version.
  • Customer Service: In case novice users are facing any problems with the installation or repairing process then can make use of 24/7 customer service.

Tips and Tricks to avoid WinRAR File Corruption:

  • Compress and extract WinRAR files using proper method and safe third party tool.
  • To prevent WinRAR file corruption from virus attack do make use of secure antivirus software.
  • Keep backup of important WinRAR files to avoid corruption situations.
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