How to Fix WinRar Read Error

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Written by Tony Landry, Updated on August 04, 2023

Yesterday, I compressed some video files using WinRAR on my Windows 7 laptop. However, today, when I tried to extract those files using the same WinRAR application, it displayed a "read error in file" and gave options to Retry or OK. Clicking on OK resulted in the same error message, and selecting Cancel displayed another pop-up stating "read error in file E:\videos.rar." I'm puzzled why I can't extract the files that were compressed using WinRAR. Can anyone help me find a solution? Thanks in advance!

Possible reasons for the WinRAR read error:

  • External threats like viruses or malware can damage the RAR file header, leading to corruption issues.
  • Interruptions while downloading WinRAR archives, such as sudden power surges or slow internet connections, can cause RAR file corruption and read errors during extraction.
  • If the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is changed in the downloaded RAR archive, it will result in a WinRAR read error during extraction.

Guidelines to fix WinRAR read error:

  1. Download and install Remo Repair RAR on your computer.
  2. Launch the application and click Browse to select the WinRAR file showing read error.
  3. Click Repair to initiate the RAR file repairing process.
  4. After completion, you can Preview the repaired RAR file.
  5. Once satisfied, Save the repaired RAR file to the desired location.

Why Choose Remo Repair RAR to fix WinRar Read Error?

  • Supports major versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2008, and 8.
  • Capable of repairing password-protected RAR archives larger than 4 GB.
  • Utilizes powerful search engine algorithms to scan and fix corrupt WinRAR files with various errors such as invalid RAR file, no files to extract, CRC error, etc.
  • User-friendly, read-only, non-destructive, and provides a completely automated repair process, ensuring the original data remains intact during repair.

System Requirements:

  • Only 50 MB of free disk space is required for installation.
  • 1 GB RAM is sufficient (2 GB recommended).

Helpful Tips to Avoid WinRar Read Error:

  • Maintain backups of important RAR files on external storage devices.
  • Regularly scan your system with updated antivirus software to prevent virus attacks.
  • Avoid using unreliable third-party utilities for compressing files.
  • Do not terminate WinRAR application while compressing or extracting RAR files.
  • Prevent interruptions during downloading, uploading, or creating RAR archives.

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