Erase Data from SATA Hard Drives

“I'm wondering what tools/software is needed to wipe a SATA HDD. I have two new SATA drives that have an OS on it. I want to wipe it clean and reinstall an OS. It’s very urgent. Thanks”

If you are in the same situation and looking for a solution, then stop worrying since, you are in the right page.

Sometimes, when you are planning to sell or abandon your old SATA hard drives, you will have to think twice. This is because, the data stored on your SATA drives might be very sensitive and moreover this data can be easily extracted. Yes, if your SATA drives go to some miscreant’s hands, your confidential data get hacked easily. It can be your official documents, favorite pictures and many others which you would not like to share with others. Of course, you might have deleted it completely and even formatted your SATA hard drives repeatedly several times. But however, do you really think that this would completely erase your data. If you think so, then you are wrong!

Even after deleting or formatting the drive, your data will still be present on your hard drive and is always recoverable. Simple recovery software can easily extra all your sensitive data within few minutes. So, now what can be done? How will you securely wipe SATA hard drives completely? Scared!! No, I am not scaring you, it’s the fact!! Yet don’t worry, there is a solution. Just make use of the Remo Drive Wipe tool that can easily erase your entire SATA hard drive data in just few minutes.

When all you can use this utility

  • If you are selling your old SATA hard drive
  • When your SATA hard drive is severely infected by virus or any other threats
  • Before disposing the SATA hard drives in government offices or in hospitals, where the personal details of the public will be saved
  • While returning your SATA hard drive to your friend or to the owner on which your confidential files are saved

No traces will be left!! But how Remo Drive Wipe achieves this?

Remo Drive Wipe tool has been designed with 9 different shredding patterns that help you in wiping the drive. These algorithms will overwrite your SATA hard drives with some random values multiple times. The number of times of overwriting will depend on the algorithm or the shredding pattern that is used. It overwrites the hard drive, in such a way that no recovery software, no matter how powerful the tool is, your data from your SATA hard drives cannot be recovered at all. Not just these SATA hard drives, the tool can even shred files on partition such as FAT32, NTFS, NTFS etc.

Unique Features of Remo Drive Wipe

  • It comes with free trial version offering 3 different shredding patterns, select one among them and wipe your drive
  • Provides data security in three different levels, low medium and high
  • It is a do-it yourself software, wherein allows the users to perform he erasure according to their necessity
  • With its metro-styled GUI, you can even secure wipe the data on touch-enabled devices
  • Has wizard-like interface that provides onscreen guidelines in performing the shredding process to facilitate even the non-technical people to use the tool comfortably

Supported Devices: thumb drives, memory cards, external hard drives, flash memory devices, iPods and many more…

Compatible Windows version: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc.

Few Guidelines for using the tool

The process is very simple and secure, all you have to do is keep on selecting appropriate options which pop up on your system screen. Within few minutes the entire process gets over.

  • Download and install Remo Drive Wipe
  • Once, you run it on your Windows computer, you will see a main screen, choose "Erase Hard drive / Partition" option.
  • Select the drive that needs to be wiped off and press “Next
  • You will receive a list containing all the available shredding patterns then select the suitable shredding pattern based on the requirement
  • Now the software starts the wiping process and once completed you will receive a confirmation message

Note - It is compulsory to log in to your Windows computer as a Local System Administrator to install and use this application.

If you just want to Delete Windows 8 files then click the link provided.

Before wiping be careful!!!

When selecting the drive be cautious! This is because, Remo Drive Wipe is a very powerful tool, in case you select any wrong drive and wipe it off all your data will be lost completely. So, before selecting the drive make sure it is the correct one and you have backup of the data

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