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Wiping the Hard drive Data Permanently

How to wipe your hard drive data completely?

Want to get rid of your old computer? It may contain your sensible data like your personal information, account passwords, credit card numbers, confidential business data etc. what if your computer goes to some miscreants hands, they can easily get access to your private data. This might cause problems. But yes, you might have deleted your data or have formatted the drive. This doesn’t erase the contents permanently. There are many tools which can even recover your data even in such cases. It can only be achieved with the help of highly advanced tools that can wipe the hard drive data permanently. Remo Drive Wipe is the most efficient tool to wipe your hard drive.

Remo Drive Wipe

Remo Drive Wipe is the perfect software to wipe off your confidential data from your hard drive. It erases your complete confidential data permanently. This tool overwrites each and every data repeatedly with the help of several shredding patterns. Once your hard drive is erased your hard drive using this tool, the data can never be recovered by any of the recovery tools. This utility can be used on any version of Windows OS like Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and many others

Remo Drive Wipe is the powerful data eraser tool that is used to sanitize your hard drive. This tool also supports the FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, and NTFS5 formatted partitions / drives. With the help of this software, you can even wipe your sensible data from not only hard drives but can wipe the data from any of the external drives including USB flash drives, memory cards, XD cards, Fire Wire drives, pen drives, CF cards, etc.

Why Remo Drive Wipe?

Remo Drive Wipe is loaded with many user friendly features to make the wiping process comfortable. It provides an option to select a particular pattern to shred your data on the hard drive. Remo Drive Wipe can erase the entire data on hard drive with high speed and thus saving your valuable time. You can even schedule the time and event to shred data with the help of a In-built scheduler to shred data as per the scheduled time or event.

How to use Remo Drive Wipe?

To wipe your hard drive data permanently download the Remo Drive Wipe and install it on your system. Then, run the software just by double clicking on the icon. The main window appears with the list of available logical and physical drives list. Select the logical or physical drive from which data needs to be erased and press “Next”. A window listing the nine sanitizing methods will be displayed, choose the best one among them and click “Next”. Once you confirm, the software starts erasing the data. After completion you will receive a message intimating the completion.

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