Fix Word File that is Not Working

Repair Not Working MS Word Document

Remo Repair Word Tool helps you to fix not working Word documents on various Windows versions, including Windows 10. It easily fixes your corrupted Word document and recovers all the attributes like text, image, formatting, etc., from it.

One of your important Word document which is opened correctly some time ago, now brings up an error stating “we're sorry but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Word will need to be closed as a result “and stopped working. What will you do in this situation?

Most probably, you get this error message due to Word file corruption. In such situation, you can try Repair Now option available in the Microsoft Word application. But, the problem with this option is it may fail to fix the Word file if corruption is severe. Moreover, this option is only available on Windows 7 and other higher versions of Windows OS.

Then, How to Fix Word File which is Not Working?

Well, you can try Remo Repair Word software. The application is designed with an advanced repairing mechanism which repair and delivers healthy Word document in a matter of minutes.

Remo Repair Word – Repair Not Working Word Document…

Remo Word Repair tool helps to fix both DOC and DOCX file which is not working due to corruption issues. While repairing, the application safely recovers all the attributes of Word file such as text, charts, tables, images, formatting, OLE objects, fields, including hyperlinks, etc. Encrypted and compressed MS word files can also be repaired with the help of this tool. Even helps to repair password protected files.

During the repair process, it doesn’t modify or damage your Word file. It just extracts the content from corrupted Word file and creates new healthy file as it is designed on the basis of read only concept. You can repair Word documents stored on various storage devices such as internal and external hard drive, USB flash drives, memory card, etc.

Word File Stopped Working- What Caused this?

  • Terminating Word application while read and write process is going on may damage your Word files. As a result, they may fail to work.
  • Sometimes, while moving Word file if any kind of interruption occurs, then that may leave your file in corrupted state due to which it will not work
  • If you use faulty application or unreliable third party tool to convert Word documents from one format to another, i.e. DOC to DOCX or vice versa, then that may lead to Word file corruption
  • Improper compression of Word file result in its corruption due it which it refuses to open
  • In case, the storage medium containing your Word files gets corrupt due to any reason, then you may come across a Word file which is not working or refuses to open when you try to open it

Guide to Fix Word File which is not Working:

  • Download and install Remo Repair Word software on your system
  • Launch the software. Next, browse to select the corrupt Word file, and click on Repair button.
  • The software starts repairing the file. Once the Word doc is fixed, you can preview the file using Preview option
  • Select the location where you want to save the repaired Word file and click on Save button

Safety Measures:

  • Have a backup of Word files in any storage medium
  • To compress and convert Word document, use reliable or authorized tool
  • Do not terminate computer forcefully, when Word files are open
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