Tool to Retrieve XLSX Files

Use Remo Recover to restore deleted or lost XLSX / XLS files. Excel Spreadsheets deleted using Shift + Delete key combination or bypassed Recycle Bin, etc. can be restored in short span of time.

Spreadsheets created by Microsoft Excel are used for storing, managing and organizing data. They are mostly used to store important data that is accessed frequently. So XLSX sheets have widely become a part of business organizations to maintain databases. But if such Excel sheets containing important data are accidentally deleted or lost and if backup is not taken, then recovering it becomes a problem.

By following these precautions you can avoid loss of Excel files to some extent:

  • Use Delete key instead of Shift and Delete combination keys to delete Excel files, because it can be restored from Recycle Bin if needed
  • Have copies of important spreadsheets as backup on other storage devices
  • Perform formatting or reinstalling operations with caution

Few tips to prevent Excel file loss were mentioned. But even after being careful, sometimes accidents are bound to happen and you may lose XLSX sheets. What can be done under such instances given the amount of data present in Spreadsheets? The right solution to your worry is Remo Recover. Yes, Remo Lost File Recovery software recovers lost XLSX files in a very simple and safe manner.

Remo Recover to Restore Lost or Deleted XLSX Files:

Remo File Recovery is a unique tool that can retrieve lost or deleted Excel spreadsheets quickly by scanning entire hard drive. It recovers Excel files accidentally deleted using Shift and Delete key combinations or bypassing Recycle Bin. The application identifies MS Excel spreadsheets on the basis of deleted tag, or the header or footer of .xlsx / .xls file.

This utility also helps to recover videos, photos, zip archives, presentation files, etc. that are deleted or lost from different storage devices. The recovered files can be saved on any accessible drives or in CDS / DVDs.

We understood how Remo Recover retrieves missing .xlsx files. Next let's see some of the causes for XLSX file loss:

  • Accidentally deleting XLSX files using Shift Delete combination
  • Formatting the drive containing Excel sheets
  • Interruptions like sudden system shutdown when Excel files are in transfer
  • Hardware failure, file system corruption, etc. may also cause loss of XLSX files

Follow these steps to Retrieve XLSX Files using Remo Recover:

  • Download and install the software on your system
  • Run the application and click on Recover Files from main screen
  • Choose the drive or partition from which XLSX files have to be retrieved and click on Scan, the scanning process starts now
  • After scanning, a list of recovered files is displayed
  • Preview the files and select the ones to be saved

Additional Info: There are times when a partition gets deleted and all files present in it are lost. However, with Remo Recover software, you can easily retrieve files from deleted partition in just few minutes.

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