ZIP Recovery

  • Repair ZIP files that refuse to open due to severe corruption using Remo Repair ZIP
  • Repair password protected and encrypted Zip files using Remo Repair ZIP
  • Use Remo Recover to recover deleted or lost Zip files
  • Supports recovery of ZIP files on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003, 2008

ZIP Recovery and Repair

Zip file is an archive that contains one or more files in compressed form to minimize their size. Files are Zipped together in order to make it easier to email or store large number of files as a single attachment. Zip files have .zip or .zipx file extension.

Transferring or sharing compressed files i.e. Zip file over a network is a common task thus there are more chances of Zip file corruption during this process. Zip file may get corrupted due to several reasons like virus attack, improper system shutdown or sudden power failures while extracting the data from Zip file, interruption while transferring Zip file etc.

Zip files might not just corrupted they might be even lost or accidentally deleted, in such scenarios you would need to recover the file and not repair it. Remo Software brings to you applications that can help you in both scenarios.

Zip file repair can be easily performed using Remo Repair Zip software. This software has powerful algorithms to repair severely corrupted Zip and Zipx archives. This software has the ability to repair Zip file and easily recovers contents of Zip files. During repair process, it does not alter the original corrupt file. It scans corrupt Zip file then recovers content from it and then creates new Zip file with recovered contents to ensure safety of original corrupt Zip file.

In case the files are deleted or lost you can recover them using Remo Recover software which is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Features of Remo Repair ZIP

  • Quickly repairs corrupt / damaged Zip files after CRC error
  • Advanced Zip repair tool that can repair 32-bit and 64-bit, Zip and Zipx files
  • Repairs Zip files that contains large amount of data i.e. up to 4GB or more
  • Capable of repairing corrupt Zip files stored on any storage device
  • Preview files extracted from corrupted Zip file before saving them
  • Recovered contents of corrupt Zip file can be saved on any storage device

Common scenarios in which Zip file might get corrupted

Zip file corruption due to virus attack: As Zip files are more frequently transferred over network, there are more chances of Zip file corruption due to virus attacks. A virus cannot replicate or operate  itself without the host file or program. Generally, it attaches itself to a Zip file or program sent often via emails. When such Zip files are downloaded and opened, they refuse to open resulting in loss of data.

Due to incomplete file: Corruption due to incomplete downloading or saving of Zip files is the common reason that can cause data loss. You may encounter error messages like “Cannot open .Zip file”, “Header corrupt”,”CRC errors” etc when you try to open such Zip files. These error messages make the contents of Zip files inaccessible resulting in data loss.

Due to central directory corruption or missing: The locations of each file that is compressed separately in the archive are stored in central directory, which is located at the end of Zip file. When the central directory of Zip file is corrupted, you cannot access the contents present in Zip file resulting in data loss.

Interruptions while extracting Zip file: Sudden power failures or abrupt system shut down while extracting Zip file may corrupt the Zip file resulting in data loss. Zip file may also get corrupt due to interruption in internet connection while transferring it over a network.

Process: Simple steps to repair corrupt .zip / .zipx files

Remo Repair ZIP is a repair tool, which can repair corrupt ZIP files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted ZIP files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).

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