How Do I Get Free Technical Help?

To get free help from Remo Software Experts, please click on the submit a help request button from here.

One of our expert will get in touch with you as soon as they see the message.

What Remo Software Experts Can Help with?

We can help you with what we’re best at. We’ve years of experience on understanding the operating system (Windows, Mac & Android), Files structure and IoT (internet of Things).  Here’re few broad categories that we can help with:

  1. Slow Computer
  2. Windows Error
  3. File repair/ Conversion
  4. Data Recovery
  5. Outlook Annoyances
  6. Parental Control
  7. IoT Devices

More Coming soon….

How Remo Software Experts Help?

Check out our video tutorials or search our Info section before you submit a request, many times you’ll find a direct answer of your question.

If you need our experts to look at the problem. Send us your request

We’ll get back to you with a detail steps of resolving the problem. Or if you ever need further help our expert can even resolve the issue for you through remote access on pre scheduled time.

Is it Completely Free?

Yes, it is. The sole purpose of this free service from Remo Software is to help people with day-to-day simple tech problems.

While interacting with millions of our customer we learnt not every technical help has to be paid for. Some issues which might be a difficult for you might be just a small tweak or a command which you wouldn't know, so ask us and get free assistance. So we started TechHelpForFree to help as many people as we can.

What We Want in Return?

Honestly, nothing because it helps us to understand what people are struggling with and what sort of technical help they may need. In long run it helps us to improve our knowledge.

Still, if want to gift us back it would be great if you can spread the word.