How to Boot from Windows Installer Disc to Restore Files

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software provides a handy method to retrieve data from unbootable Windows in case if you fail to boot into Windows using Windows Installer Disc. Try Now!

There could be various reasons wherein your Windows fails to boot. But, the main concern here is that you lose access to your data stored on it. To restore data, you need to boot into Windows which can be done only with the help of Windows Installer Disc. It provides you option to restore all the data from unbootable Windows. Here are the steps to boot into Windows using Installer Disc.

  • Attach the removable drive and Windows Installer Disc to unbootable Windows and restart the system
  • Hit any key from your keyboard, when it prompts “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”. If you don’t get any notification, then press F and go to BIOS to alter the settings
  • Then, click on Next followed by Repair Your Computer option
  • Now, open command prompt
  • Steps to open command prompt -

    In Windows 8 troubleshoot- > Advanced Options- > Command Prompt

    In Windows 7 go to Restore your computer using a system image you created earlier option. Click on Cancel button until you get System Recovery Options window. Here you need to select Command Prompt option

  • In the command prompt, enter notepad and press Enter
  • This opens Notepad - where you have to select File tab and then Open from popup menu
  • Before proceeding with the next step, ensure that you have selected All Files option from the bottom of the notepad window and then choose Computer option
  • In the Open window, copy all the required files and paste in to removable drive. After all files got transferred to your system, close the window. 

This is one of the way to recover data from unbootable Windows. If you find it difficult or don’t have Windows Installer Disc, then the better option is to use Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software. Only few simple clicks and all files will be back from unbootable Windows.

Recovering Data from Unbootable Windows using Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software-

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software provides many unique options which makes data recovery from Unbootable Windows easier for you. Self-descriptive user interface of the software guides you throughout the hdd recovery course; hence you don’t need to have any technical knowledge.

Follow the Below Mentioned Guide to Recover data from unbootable Windows-

  • Download Remo Recover on your Windows system and install it by following on screen instructions
  • Attach the hard drive of unbootable computer as the secondary drive to the computer on which you have installed software
  • Next, when home screen appears, select the Recover Partitions and also select a drive from which you want to recover partitions
  • The software will scan for lost partitions in the drive selected and list them. Select a partition to continue
  • Now, the software will scan the partition and show a list of found files
  • Select the required ones and preview it using Preview option and then save them to any location of your choice.

Same procedure can be even used to restore data from laptop hard drive which is RAW or corrupted due to any reason. It supports data recovery from various types of hard drive interfaces, such as SATA, SCSI, IDE and also restores data from many popular brands of hard drive, like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Dell and so on.

Suggestions -

1. Always have a backup in any external drive

2. Regularly scan your disk using chkdsk and fix the errors as soon as possible

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