Learn What Internet Recovery on Mac Can Do |(Mac and MacBook)

Mac recovery mode is a lifesaver during crises. Depending on the type of crisis, you can choose among four options available in Mac recovery mode. there might be some complications that can be resolved by normal recovery mode but it has its own set of limitations. If there is one option that could come handy regardless of the severity of the problem, it is Mac Internet recovery mode. Learn why Mac internet recovery mode is crucial and let’s discuss how to use internet recovery mode on Mac. What is Internet Recovery on Mac? Internet recovery mode is completely different when

DiskPart Guide to Manage your Windows Better

This article is a must have guide for any Windows user. A complete guide on DiskPart that helps you understand what DiskPart is and empowers you to create, delete, format, clean or even fix errors on your hard drive or partitions. Table of Contents 1.What is DiskPart and What is it used for? 2. Clean Hard Drive or Partition using DiskPart 3. Create Partition Using DiskPart? 4. Format Partition Using DiskPart? 5. Delete Partition Using DiskPart? 6. Extend or Shrink Partition With DiskPart 7. Set a Partition Act on DiskPart What is DiskPart and What is it used for? DiskPart

SD Card is Blank or Has Unsupported File System – Resolved

Blank SD Card or Unsupported File System

“SD card is blank or has unsupported file system” – When you suddenly realize that your SD card is blank, it does not mean that your data is lost. If you are an SD card user, you might have come across this error message at some point, while trying to access your photos, videos, and other media files through your Smart Phone, Digital Camera or a tablet.Generally speaking, when Smart Phone, Camera, or a Tablet fails to read the SD card it may display SD card is blank error or your data is completely missing. It can also prompt us

An Automated Way to Move Outlook to New Computer

Excitement of shifting to a new computer is great. You have got a new computer and one important thing you do is getting back files and programs from the old computer to the new one. However, not all programs can be copy pasted swiftly like any other files. Outlook is one such program where you have to manually transfer Outlook data into a PST file and then move it to a new computer. Isn’t it too tiresome? Moreover, a tiny accident and there are high chances of permanently losing your Outlook data. What if there was an easy way to

Make Most of the Mac Hot Corners

hot corners on mac

One of the major upgrades that we usually observe with the evolution of Mac OS is the user experience. Apple never fails to outdo themselves when it comes to the user interface. Hot Corners is one such feature that’s not only interesting but also can be very productive when put to use. Here is the complete guide that will help you take complete advantage of Mac Hot Corners. What are Hot corners on a Mac? Hot corners on Mac are the four active corners on your Mac Desktop which performs an action when any of them are triggered. To trigger

The Only Guide You Need to Find and Delete Duplicate Songs

In the process of collecting good music, we end up with a lot of duplicates. Not only are these duplicate audio files annoying while listening to music but also occupy a lot of space. However, it gets tedious to manually find duplicate songs one by one. Then how does one find and remove all the music files duplicate audio files on their computer or phone? This article which streamlines the entire process of finding duplicates in your music library or audio recordings and removing them. How Do I Find and Delete Duplicate Audio Files Instantly? If you are looking for

Clear Your Browsing History, Cookies and Search History

Whenever you visit a website or search for information on the internet, your web browser automatically records data about the website you visited or any information you searched on the web. This data comes in handy to quickly access the site through history or bookmarks. However, delete browsing history or cookies will safeguard your privacy and also save local storage space. Continue reading the writeup to learn how to delete browsing history, cookies, and search history. How to Delete Browsing History on Various Browser Browsing history is very useful to quickly access any recently used web pages. If suppose you

Truth: Why Your PC is so slow after Windows 10 update? [Unknown Fact]

Windows updates are necessary, you get to experience the latest interface, better performance, and updated security. However, when it comes to real-time performance, everything is not as expected. Sometimes, instead of boosting the performance, the Windows update might make your PC sluggish. To be honest it is more frustrating to have a slow PC than a no PC. So, “why is your computer running slow after the update” you will find the explanation to that question in the following section. Do Windows Updates Slow Down computers? Intentionally Windows updates will never make your PC slow. However, some times, after updating,

3 Simple Ways to Move Outlook Profile to New Computer

Using your newly purchased computer can be really exciting. At the same time, it would be really pleasing if you had all the data from the old computer, including emails and other data from Outlook. You can certainly move Outlook to a new computer. But unlike your regular data, you cannot move Outlook profile to a new computer with simple copy-paste methods. You need to follow a sequence of steps to be able to migrate your Outlook along with the profile. Read the complete article to safely move all your Outlook profile information to the new computer. Note: If you

How to fix SD Card says Full or Empty and Recover Files?

For most devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, and music players, an SD card is the primary storage component. You insert an SD card into your computer or any other device to access files or store files on it. There are two peculiar errors about SD cards being full or empty that are quite tricky. The information below briefly explains about the following errors and how to fix them without causing any harm to data on the SD card: SD card showing full but its empty SD card showing empty but its not Does your SD card show full, but