5 Best Outlook PST Repair Softwares |  Experts Choice

Whenever your PST file is corrupt, fixing it safely without damaging it further becomes your priority. There are various PST repair tools available in today’s market that pretend to be the best Outlook PST repair software. However, most of them fail to fix even the minor corruptions in PST files. To help you choose the right PST repair tool, refer to the benefits and drawbacks of each product in the comparison below. PST file is a crucial Outlook data file when it comes to the POP email account. Basically, a PST file is used to save Outlook data on the

How to Fix Outlook Receiving Reported Error 0x800CCC0B?

0x800ccc0b error in Microsoft Outlook is a quite common problem that is faced by several Outlook users. Whenever you encounter this error you will be unable to send or receive any emails. If you are stuck with this error and want to resume Outlook communication like before, then this write-up is for you. Read this article to know about the reasons behind the 0x800ccc0b Outlook error and how to quickly resolve the Outlook receiving reported error 0x800ccc0b. What does error 0x800CCC0B mean? An unknown error has occurred. Subject ‘test’, Account: ‘renee’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error

2 Effective methods to Fix 'PST file is not an Outlook Data file' Error

Outlook has been a feasible application for many people across the globe, so if you are one of the users who have encountered ‘PST file is not an Outlook data file’ error message, then this article is for you Personal Storage Table (PST) File is an Outlook Data File that is used to store emails, calendars, and other mailbox items for POP3 accounts, on your computer. Usually, you might come across the error due to corruption of the PST file. The section below will navigate you to learn 2 effective methods on how to Fix ‘PST file that is not

How to Fix “Outlook Stuck on Processing” Error?

Is your Outlook is stuck on the processing while sending or opening an email? Or does it hangs, freezes, and had now stopped working. A similar situation was faced by one of the Outlook users and can be used for understanding the consequences of this error more clearly. “I am using Outlook 2013, and when I tried to attempt two or more email profiles. All of sudden, my Outlook gets stuck on loading the profile. This problem occurs most of the time and it’s too irritating. Please, someone, suggest me a suitable solution by which I can resolve this Outlook

5 effective methods to Remove Duplicate Items in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook falls in the center of professional communication and email exchange. Avid users can generate a lot of Outlook items that swell up PST file size and consume a lot of One Drive or Hard drive space. Importing Outlook items from archives or PST files is very common. When you import items in MS Outlook, and the duplicate detection option is turned off, Outlook skips removing the duplicate items during the import process. Once the import is completed, remove duplicate items can be very tedious. In this article, you will learn multiple approaches on how to effortlessly remove duplicate items

How to Solve “Outlook Mailbox Is Full Can’t Send Messages” Error?

Outlook Mailbox is Full: Your mailbox is full, you may not be able to send or receive items. Have you come across this error and not able to send or receive emails? Although Microsoft has increased PST size in the latest Outlook versions; Still many users encounter this error message saying, “Your Mailbox is full, you can’t send messages”. No worries! After going through this article, you will be able to reduce the size of the Outlook mailbox and send and receive new emails again like before. Why is my Outlook saying my mailbox is full? Outlook saying Mailbox is

How to Recover Files after Factory Reset Windows 10?

Factory resetting on Windows 10

Resetting Windows to factory settings is necessary if you want to increase system speed or enhance the computer’s performance. Sometimes it is also used as a way to troubleshoot; to remove a malware infection from your PC, resolve any Windows operating system errors, etc. Resetting Windows to factory settings is also a must before selling your system to ensure your personal data is not exploited. What happens if you reset Windows to Factory Settings? Resetting the PC to factory settings removes all the data and uninstalls third-party applications from your system. Further, it reinstalls the Windows operating system and removes

Outlook Data File cannot be Opened | Solved 

An Outlook data file is a PST file that consists of Outlook items such as emails, reminders, events, and calendars saved on the local computer. This Outlook PST file can be used to backup Outlook or transfer Outlook emails from one device or account to another. The major advantage of using Outlook data file (.pst) is you can access all your emails, contacts, or events with no internet connection.  When you encounter an Outlook error saying Outlook data file cannot be opened, then you cannot access your PST file and you also cannot send or receive emails. Most of the

How to Increase Storage Space in your Windows 10 Computer?

Irrespective of how big your hard drive or SSD is, you are definitely going to run out of space one day. You might be trying to install an application or looking to store some important files, but your Windows 10 says You are running out of space on Local Disk (C:). You might try and delete some unwanted files and install that application for now. However, remember you have solved this issue temporarily. This article has a permanent solution to resolve all your woes related to storage space and manage your hard drive space on Windows 10. Let’s look at

How to Fix Outlook Error PST File Has Reached Maximum Size Limit?

Outlook saying your mailbox has reached its maximum size limit and not allowing you to send or receive emails? Trouble accessing your outlook account due to an oversized PST file? Worry not, you are not alone. Outlook saying Your mailbox has reached its maximum size limit at which you cannot send or receive any more content is one of the most common Outlook errors out there.  When your PST File has reached its maximum limit you will get an error message saying “The Outlook data file has reached the maximum size”. As the error clearly states it’s an error that