Mac OS X have a reputation for being user friendly, stable and known for its attributes, which makes simple to accumulate numerous applications, folders, files, etc. and requires very less maintenance for cleaning. In current era, majority of users are shifting towards Mac OS X because of spectacular features and so many different ways of handling files in comparison to other operating systems.

However, ahead of that even a Mac needs cleaning session which avoid the junk files from hiding other imperative data on desktop or laptop. Generally, unwanted files appears on desktop with the widely use of internet, using computer for long time, keeping numerous files on system, etc. can occupy lot of space on HDD, these situations usually slow down PC speed or make you feel disorganized.

Therefore to overcome from the above mentioned circumstances you have to remember certain points in mind:

  • Manually search and delete the apps related preferences, support files or uninstall those applications
  • Empty the Trash Bin folder to run you system smoother. Don’t use the Trash folder as landing Dock temporary files
  • Compress and archive old files in order to get extra space on Mac hard disk
  • Clear temporary files and system logs periodically

To clear files make use of manual steps:

  • First you go to your Apple start-up menu
  • Find the search option there,
  • Then type %temp% and press enter
  • The folders containing temp file will open in Mac.
  • Now select all the files and delete them,
  • The files now move to trash which you also need to empty

But, while performing these steps be very careful and make sure of selected files are no more useful in future, because if you end up with deleting some helpful application data from the file, then that allocation will not work properly. Such type of unintentional deletion of application data from preferences file can result in booting problem of your system. Therefore to stay away from above stated problems you have to opt for efficient third party utility like Remo More. This software is designed with superior algorithms to scan and search unwanted files from Mac computer and presents detail report through which you can easily decide and delete the files which are no more useful.

Spectacular Features of Remo More Software:

By making use of this application you can easily clear unwanted application data on Mac, temp files, browsing history, uninstall applications safely on all versions of Mac OS X such as Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc. and even helps in increasing system performance with few clicks of mouse. With the help of this software you can clear registry file, wipe free disk space, defrag hard drive, optimize hard disk memory, remove duplicate files, etc. utmost ease. You can also schedule this tool on daily, weekly or monthly basis to erase unwanted files and also system junk files.

Steps to Clear Unwanted files from Mac:

  • Step1: Download and install Remo MORE in your Mac machine and launch it. After launching the software select “Optimize” option from Main Screen as shown in Fig1
  • Step 2: From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option to for clearing cache in Mac
  • Steps 3: Now from this screen select the files that you want to clear. After this click on “Clean” button as shown in Fig2. It will clear safari browser cache automatically.

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