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Updated Febrauary 04, 2022

Are you having trouble with your DBX file? corruption or damage of the dbx file could be due many reasons. Download Remo Outlook express to effortlessly Repair or Recover your valuable DBX file back into its original file structure within a matter of few clicks

DBX Repair Tool

Feels Nostalogic when we speak about DBX file, but if you are still one of the user who is in need of dbx file in 2022, this article is for you. Here you will learn hassle-free methods on how to recover and repair dbx file. Before moving ahead with solutions let us first understand the common scenarios and indication of damaged or corrupt dbx file.

Indication of Damaged or Corrupt DBX File

The appearance of the below mentioned error messages helps you to identify the need for dbx repair tool

  • MSIMN caused an exception C0000006h in module Directdb.dll. The message could not be sent. There is not enough Disk space
  • Unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Secure: No [SSL] Error: 0×800c0131
  • MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll
  • MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll at address
  • Outlook Express could not be started. It may not be installed correctly. Make sure that your disk is not full or that you are not out of memory. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0×800c012e)
  • Outlook Express could not be started because Msoe.dll could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly

Causes for Corruption of DBX file

  • Corruption caused due to “Compact File or Compact All Folders” option.
  • When antivirus programs trying to scan incoming & outgoing e-mails causing data corruption to .dbx files.
  • When vast number of e-mails in Inbox or Sent Folders causing corruption to the respective .dbx e-mail archive.
  • Accidental deletion of e-mails or permanent deletion of e-mails from deleted items folders in outlook express.
  • Folder.dbx getting corrupt.

How to fix Corrupt DBX File

  • Enable Hidden Files View
  • Locate and Fix DBX file
  • Recover DBX file using Remo

Enable Hidden Files View

  • Open your Browser
  • Go to Settings
  • Enable the hidden file view option
  • Check if you able to access your DBX file after this

Locate and Fix DBX file

  • Open Outlook Express store folder.
  • Access the folder path on your disk: C
  • From the Path View menu choose Details.
  • Locate which DBX file
  • If the file exceeds the 2GB storage limit or locate the corrupted DBX file. (the corrupted DBX file is the MAIL folder which seems empty in the Outlook Express program).
  • Copy the DBX file and save it in another location and check if the issue is resolved

How to Repair and Recover DBX file with Remo

If you are wondering how to repair a corrupt DBX file after following the above methods you can make use of a reliable repair utility. Remo Repair is programmed with advanced scanning algorithms to repair and recover your DBX file.

The tool can repair corrupt DBX files and recover emails from OE and fix the file when it appears blank and doesn't show any content With the simple recovery option that helps to recover Outlook dbx emails in .eml format. Once the repair process is over, restore emails using simple drag and drop function.

Here are steps to repair dbx files and safeguard against further damage / corruption.

  • Immediately stop the e-mail scan in your anti-virus program.
  • Disable automatic background compact operation.
  • Try to keep the minimal number of e-mails inside Inbox/Sent or any other important folder and create sub folders marked with date or any other indicator.
  • When the compact operation is running, do not use your computer until the process is over.
  • Buy REMO Recover Outlook Express (.dbx) and keep it for emergency.
  • Make sure your computer and anti-virus products are up-to-date with the latest patches.
  • Backup your entire Store Folder (Identity) on a regular basis.

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