How to delete temporary files in Laptop?

Temporary files are system files often used as supporting files on your Windows or Mac based Laptop computers. These files are added to your Laptop hard disk whenever you install any third party applications or surf internet using internet browsers. Temp files are stored on your Laptop hard disk and has a limited span of time. The advantage of having temp files in Laptop is that, it helps while installing large sized software’s and also helps users access websites they frequently visit load faster. However the only con of having temp files in Laptop is that the presence or accumulation of more temp files increases hard disk space and reduces system performance. Therefore, this article guides you on how to delete temporary files from your Laptop and also tells you why it is necessary to delete temporary files.

Advantages of deleting temporary files

There are mainly two major advantages of deleting temporary files from Laptop computers, i.e. privacy and free disk space:

  • Internet temporary files stored on your Laptop computer contain many useful and confidential information like your bank account details, website history, email username and password etc. Therefore deleting them helps you protect your privacy
  • As said before temporary files in computers accumulate a huge part of Laptop hard drive which leads to slower system performance. Hence, deleting them will help you save Laptop hard disk space and in turn improves system speed

How to delete temporary files?

You can delete temporary files from your Laptop manually or with the help of a software, to delete temp files manually follow the below guide

To delete system temp files: Go to Start --> open "Run" --> Type "temp" and click on enter --> A window pops up displaying all system temporary files --> Select all the files using "Ctrl + A" shortcut key and delete them

Note: You can also type "%temp%" in the "Run" box to delete temporary files stored on your local root folder.

To erase internet temp files

To erase internet temporary files, go to your internet browser like Chrome, IE (Internet Explorer), Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc and choose the corresponding options to clear all internet temp files. However, deleting temp files manually is time consuming and tiresome. Hence industry experts have designed software to automatically detect and remove temp files in Laptop and the tool is named as "Remo Optimizer"

About the product

Remo Optimizer is a wonderful utility that helps users to delete temp files from their Laptop with ease. The software offers many advanced in built options using which one can remove all temp files in a short amount of time. The tool easily clears system temp files, internet temp files, browsing history, cookies, cache, log files etc which saves a lot of free space on your Laptop hard drive.

Basic Features

  • Software is available for free to erase temp files from laptop
  • Can be easily installed on both Windows and Mac based Laptop computers
  • One click solution to delete temp files and other junk files
  • 24 x 7 technical assistance is provided to all its users

Way to delete temp files from Laptop

  1. Download and install Remo Optimizer software in your system and launch it. After launching select "Tools" option from Main Screen. From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option as depicted in Image 1.
  2. Select "Clean PC Junk" otpion from the third screen to remove temp files as depicted in Image 2.
  3. Now you will get a list of PC junk setting and history locations. Select Windows temp files from it in order to clear temp files and click on "Scan" button as depicted in Image 3.
  4. In the next screen, you get the list of numder of temp files found. Click on "Clean" button to clean temp files. After the accomplishment of the temp file removing process you will get the list of the cleaned items as depicted in Image 4.

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