Perfect way to Lock Videos on Android device

Most of you might have some videos on your Android smartphones or tablets that you would like to keep private and you do not want to share them with others. They may be potentially incriminating, or contain confidential information. Whatever it is; a good idea to protect the privacy of your videos from snooping eyes is to lock them with a strong password.

Just imagine that you have stored a confidential video containing details of your entire project on your Android tablet or your smartphone. But, unfortunately in case you left your tab unlocked or you left your smartphone in the wrong person’s hand then what will you do? In such cases your confidential video can be easily seen by anyone who accesses your Android tab or smartphone. This will cause serious security issues and hence needs a quick action to avoid such instances.

The only solution to prevent such acts and protect the confidentiality of the videos on Android is to lock them up. But how to lock videos on Android tablets or smartphones; is that so simple? The good news for you is that you can find many Android apps on Google Play to lock your videos easily. However, before using them you need to be sure that they are reliable and will not cause any damage to the videos. The tool should be able to lock the videos intensely with a strong password.

One such tool that could lock your confidential or private videos is Remo MORE. This app is a highly reliable app for locking all your confidential videos with a single password. The lock would be so intense that no one including the person who has locked the videos will be able to unlock them unless the correct password is given. Thus, it avoids the unauthorized access from the data intruders to your confidential videos on Android devices.

Features of Remo MORE

Remo MORE is an incomparable tool that is equipped with many features that are powerful enough to lock the video intensely and is designed with a highly interactive UI to facilitate smooth process. You can lock videos of any format like MP4, MOV, AVI, DivX and other types of videos easily. Also, the tool is capable of locking numerous videos with a single password. In addition to videos, you can even lock many other types of files including pictures, files, apps, audio files and other files on your Android. Most importantly, it supports all available Android OS versions including KitKat, Ginger Bread, Ice-cream sandwich and many more.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about the cost, since the tool is available free of cost. Hence without any second thought you can easily download Remo MORE and lock your videos on Android. The entire locking procedure requires just few mouse clicks and couple of your precious minutes.

Steps to lock your videos on Android

  1. Download Remo MORE software on your Android device and install it.
  2. From the main screen select “Manage” option as shown in Figure 1
  3. After this, tap on the “Locker” option to lock videos as depicted in Figure 2
  4. In the next screen, choose “Videos” option as in Figure 3
  5. Then Mark all files which you want to lock and click on “lock” button as illustrated in Figure 4
  6. The Software will now show you the locations where videos are locked and then tap on “Close” button as shown in Figure 5

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