Increase Computer Processing Speed

I have Windows XP system since 3 years using it. Nowadays I am facing computer performance problem due to slow processing speed. I tried many tips and tricks to enhance speed but did not work. Please help me out to fix this issue. Thanks in advance….
Remove temporary files from hard disk because they consume your ram memory simply. Shortage of RAM memory in system that really slows your system performance and system does not find enough ram memory to run any application very efficiently. Hence, remove temporary files regularly. Follow below mentioned steps to do it..

  • Initially click on “start” menu in Window XP OS
  • Next click on “Run”
  • Next type “%temp%” in run box
  • Click on ok
  • List of temporary files will display on screen. You select all of them and click on delete them permanently

Disable unnecessary services running in background. Some services are needed to be run always in system, apart from non-useful services might run in your system. Find and disable them because unnecessarily running services consumes system resources and make your system to run slowly. Follow below mentioned steps to carry out this process…

  • Click on “Start” menu
  • Next click on “Run”
  • Type “msconfig” in text box and click on Ok
  • You will get “System configuration utility” window on screen
  • Next you click on “service” tab to disable the all unnecessary services that you are not used

Change paging file size in your system that also helps in increasing processing speed of your system.

  • Click on My Computer
  • right click on my computer
  • Click on “Properties”
  • “System properties” window appears
  • Now click on “Advance” tab
  • Click on “Performance Settings”
  • Again click on “Advance” tab
  • Click on change to change the paging file size of your computer
  • Now change the initial size accordingly
  • after set click on set
  • Click on ok
  • then click on apply and ok

Here I have mentioned few tips and tricks to enhance your system process speed but this is not enough because there are many issues behind slow processing speed. In addition, you might tire of following those tips and tricks in fixing this issue. Even you need to be more technical one to do it and some might fail to follow regularly. Hence, it is best to opt third party free application like Remo Optimizer that comes very user friendly in enhancing computer-processing speed by fixing all the issues occurred in system.

Steps to increase computer processing speed

  • Download and install the Remo Optimizer free app on your system.
  • Launch the app to initiate scanning the computer begin the process as shown in the below figure
  • figure 1

  • After completion of scanning process, displays detailed report of issues that need to be fixed in order to increase computer-processing speed as given in the below figure
  • figure 2

  • Finally, click on “Fix Issues” button to fixing all the issues to speed up computer-processing speed as given in the below figure

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