Power manager for laptop battery

Laptops performance is similar to a desktop computer, but they are smaller in size. Many users prefer to work on their laptops when compared to desktops because they are very portable and can be carried from one place to another. For example user can complete his work, watch movies, surf internet, play games, and listen to music on the go. However the one main disadvantage of a laptop computer is it’s battery which drains very quicker. No matter, if you own a high end Laptop or a mid-range one, the battery life problem still exists.

So if you are looking to learn about laptop power management, then your hunt ends here. Using Remo MORE software you can easily create and schedule power plans that helps you extend your laptop battery life in a very short amount of time.

How to maximize your laptop’s battery life?

To enjoy the maximum life out of any laptop’s battery, the rule-of-thumb is to use what battery power exists as sparingly as possible. This can be generally accomplished by:

  • Turning down the brightness on your screen,
  • Decrease the amount of display time that elapses before your screen dims
  • And Adjusting your power plan.

About the software

Remo MORE is among the best app to monitor your Laptop battery status. By using this application you can create power plan and schedule it on the bases of time or network. This tool keeps track of all the startup programs and estimate battery timing. Using the app, you can easily keep an eye on your laptop battery and its settings. In addition, the app is compatible to run on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. By utilizing cloud control panel of this tool you can manage or schedule your Laptop power plan remotely.


  • Schedule different tasks like computer shutdown, turn off display, put computer in sleep or hibernate mode, wake from sleep, lock computer or adjust brightness
  • Change settings of three default power plans – Balanced, High Performance & Power Saver Mode, and user created Power plans, according to the requirement
  • Create, Manage and Schedule Power plans that will help in saving energy and maximizing system performance
  • Can automatically switch between user created Power Plans based on the network connection

Some useful tips

  • Don’t run multiple tasks on your Laptop as it drains your battery very quicker
  • Remove unwanted programs from your Laptop which consumes more power
  • Never use an incompatible charger to charge your Laptop battery

Step to manage power plan on Laptop

  • Step 1: Download Remo MORE app on your system and install it. Launch the application and select “Manage” option from main screen as given in Image1.
  • Step2: From the second screen select “Power Manager” option as given in Image2.
  • Step3: After this select “Create Power Plan” option as given in Image3.
  • Step4: Create the Power Plan and secluded it on the bases of Network or time as given in Image4.
  • Step5: As soon the scheduling process gets completed this window will appear as given in Image5.

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