Speed up Windows XP Boot Time

If you are using Windows XP wbich is taking a lot of time to boot then do not worry. You can take few simple steps to speed up loading and to shorten the time required to boot it. Once you make some changes in your computer you can easily reduce the amount of time it takes to boot up. There are various techniques to speed up Windows XP boot time. Let us go through some of these in brief.

One of the best way to optimize Windows XP boot time is by altering BIOS setting of your operating system. Many veteran industry experts suggest that changing the system BIOS can dramatically reduce the booting time of your Windows system. You can makes changes in BIOS by entering in boot setup at the time of starting your computer. You can disable all those hard ware devices which are not needed to load at the time of startup, however if you need that particular hardware then you can start it later at time of its need. This is one of the major techniques to boost up Windows XP booting speed. Now let us check one more technique.

When your Windows XP is getting loaded it loads more than 200 fonts during the startup. Obviously you do not require all these fonts and that is why it is better to remove some of those which are not frequently used. Thus by minimizing the number of extraneous fonts to be loaded at startup time you can reduce significant amount of boot time. There are two things you can do in order to remove fonts that you are not going to use. You can move unused fonts to another folder or delete fonts if you do not require them in future.

Apart from this unused registry entry, which gathered over the time can clog your system and increase your start up time. This is because every time your Windows XP gets started it loads all the registry entries from your Registry folder. Thus it is advisable to clean up unneeded Registry entries which can help you out in reducing boot time of your system. You can also optimize Windows XP boot speed by disabling unnecessary services from loading at startup time.

You can speed up start up procedure of your Windows XP by changing the BIOS with the help of setup utility. When you start your computer, it goes through the steps of startup procedures in its BIOS before starting Windows. Here at this stage you can make modification in BIOS manually. However it requires a good skill and attention while making any modification in BIOS setting, an incorrect change can lead to a great difficulty for you. Hence, you should make use of a highly specialized tool which can make all the necessary changes in setting of your Windows XP so that its performance gets boosted up. Remo Optimizer tool which is popular for its great job, can easily boost your system’s startup time within a couple of seconds. Remo Optimizer tool is free of cost and built upon the top of the robust and reliable algorithms, which helps it to fix issues related to startup speed of your Windows XP.

Simple steps to improve the performance of your Win XP computer:

  1. Initially download and install Remo Optmizer software for free on your Windows 8 laptop \ computer. Launch the application, the software starts scanning the drive and lists all issues figure 1.
  2. Now, go to Fast Startup option it will display all the applications. Select the ones which you want to remove and click on Remove from Startup option figure 2.

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