How to lock video file with password?

Do you have any important video on your computer that you don’t want anyone to share with? Or perhaps the video holds so much important that you want to password protect it? then you should definitely download and use "Remo MORE" software. This simple and easy to use utility helps you assign password protection to important videos and protect them from spying eyes in just few steps.

Why to password protect video files?

Password protection of video files is very essential because the video files stored on your computer, pen drive, memory card, USB drives are not fully secured. You always have a constant fear of losing such video files and get tensed if video is misused by any unauthorized persons. In addition, assigning password to videos also helps in avoiding problems like data breaching or data theft.

How to assign password protection to video files?

There are two ways through which you can assign password protection to video files. One is using inbuilt feature and the other using third party software. So let’s have a look at both the techniques:

1) Using WinZip Software: WinZip is a free utility, which comes bundled with your operating system. Follow the below guide to assign password to video files

  • Right click on the location where your video files are present, select new then click "Compressed (zipped) folder", this will make you a new .zip file
  • Copy and paste all your important videos into the new .zip file and name the file as you desire
  • At last, open the Zip file and click "File" then "Add a Password" option. Enter a password that you would like to assign and confirm it

Now your videos are password protected and no other user except you can access your video files. However the main disadvantage of assigning password using this method is that the compressed Zip folders can get easily corrupt and became inaccessible. After which even you cannot access the videos present in the Zip folder.

2) Using third party software: Reliable third party software like "Remo MORE" would be an easiest approach to assign password protection to your video files present on your computer or pen drive. This software offers high level of data security and is more economical compared to other utilities, the tool makes sure that your video files is free from data breaching, data leakage or data theft problem. Using this tool you password protect video files within few easy steps. More to this the tool is compatible to run on both Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) operating system. In addition to this the tool is available for free trial download through which you can estimate the performance of the software before actual purchase.

Simple steps password protect video files:

  1. Download Remo MORE software on your computer and install the same, select "Manage" option form the main window and then select "File Manager" option from the next windoww as shown in figure 1
  2. After this choose "File Protector" option to lock video file with password as shown in figure 2.
  3. In fourth screen you will get two options one is "Private Locker" and another one is "File/Folder Locker". Click on "File/Folder Locker" option to password protect your video files as shown in figure 3.
  4. Now the software will ask you to set the master password to lock video files as shown in figure 4.
  5. From the next screen select the video file you want to lock and click on "Lock" button as shown in figure 5
  6. As soon as your video file get locked you will receive a success message.

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