How to Fix 'Unable to Extract ZIP File' Error on Windows 10

The error Unable to extract Zip file could be distressing as it doesn’t allow you to extract your important files from Zip archives. If the error is the result of any corruption/damage on the files, Remo Repair Zip is your goto solution. Remo Repair ZIP file easily fixes ZIP or ZIPx files that shows 'Unable to extract ZIP file' error on Windows 10 and renders healthy ZIP file. It fixes corrupted, broken and inaccessible ZIP file on Windows 10 and any other versions of Windows.

Written by John Harris, Updated on August 02, 2023

You might have tried to extract ZIP file on Windows 10 but unable to do that because of an error message stating that "Unable to extract ZIP file". This unusual behavior of ZIP file is due to corruption. What if that ZIP file contains crucial data? It will be a painful situation for you. But not anymore as Remo software has designed Remo ZIP Repair tool in this regard. The tool easily fixes ZIP file showing unable to extract error and renders a healthy file that can be extracted easily.

Why can't I extract a zip file?

  • Usage of faulty application or incorrect techniques for compressing files i.e. creating ZIP archive
  • Changing ZIP file extension from one format to another frequently
  • Presence of bad sector on the drive where ZIP file is saved
  • Recovering lost or deleted ZIP file using unreliable tool

What can I do if I can’t extract the Zip file?

Here are a few basic troubleshooting steps you could try before trying any other methods.

  1. Try to extract the Zip files using a different compression tool
  2. Scan your PC with a strong anti-virus software where the Zip archive is saved
  3. Verify the stability of your network connection

However, if you are still unable to extract the files from Zip archive, this must be due to severe corruption on the file. In such cases, it is recommended to use a tool to fix the corruption.

Remo Repair ZIP - Easy Solution for Fixing ZIP File Error on Windows 10

Remo Repair ZIP is an easy to use program which helps you to fix the ZIP file extraction error on Windows 10. The tool quickly fixes the corrupt Zip file structure and thus allows you to extract the contents of the ZIP file. No matter at what extent ZIP file is corrupted, you can easily fix this with the help of ZIP Repair Tool by Remo. Even, it helps to repair ZIP file that is broken or inaccessible under any circumstances.

Supported Windows OS- Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server2003, including Windows 10

3 Steps to Fix the Error Unable to Extract Zip Files on Windows 10:

  • Download and install Remo Repair Zip software on your Windows 10 computer
  • repair ZIP files
  • Browse and select your ZIP file when main screen appears and press "Repair" to begin the repair process
  • repair ZIP files
  • On completion of repair process, you will get a list of files from the compressed archive
  • Click #Lost Files folder if corrupt ZIP file contains some file in the root
  • repair ZIP files
  • Next, click Select Folder option to specify the location to save repaired ZIP file and press Save option


What Else Can Remo Repair ZIP Do?

  • Both corrupted ZIP and ZIPX file will be fixed easily with this tool
  • Fixes highly encrypted or password protected ZIP file
  • Allows to repair ZIP file with size 4GB and more
  • Helps to fix damaged 7Zip files in Windows
  • Easily repairs ZIP files stored on different storage media such as hard drive, FireWire drive, external hard disk, pen drive, memory cards, etc.

Remo Repair Zip tool allows to save repaired ZIP files in any location including external drives. Even, you can view repaired ZIP file prior to restoration using Preview option.

Safety Measures:

  • Never make use of unreliable tool to create ZIP archives
  • Change file extensions of ZIP files only if it is required

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